Interface EventService

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javax.ejb.EJBObject, EventServiceProxy, Remote

public interface EventService
extends javax.ejb.EJBObject, EventServiceProxy

Event Service remote interface. Pass events to this service to have them handled by registered listeners. Listeners register themselves for this service via the WebLogic management console; classes that implement the EventListener interface may add themselves as listeners using the Configuration tab for the Event Service. Those classes express interest in certain Event types, and when an event of that is dispatched via this service, it is forwarded to the listener.

See Also
Event, EventListener, EventServiceHome
This interface is intended to be implemented only by Oracle Weblogic Portal. Oracle Systems reserves the right to add abstract methods to this interface without notice. Implementations of this interface by other parties must not be expected to compile without change in future versions of Oracle Weblogic Portal.

Method Summary
 void dispatchEvent(Event event)
          Dispatch an event to the EventService.
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Method Detail


void dispatchEvent(Event event)
                   throws RemoteException
Dispatch an event to the EventService. The Event will be handled by any EventListeners that are registered to handle events of its type.

event - The Event oject containing relevant data.
RemoteException - if remote errors occur (from the EJB Container)

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