Interface ProxyExpression

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Cloneable, Expression, Serializable

public interface ProxyExpression
extends Expression

An interface implemented by the class that need to act as a proxy to the original expression.

The classes implementing this interface will just delegate to the original expression.

Method Summary
 Expression getDelegate()
          Returns the delegate to which this is a proxy.
Methods inherited from interface com.bea.p13n.expression.Expression
addSubExpression, clearCache, clone, getCachedValue, getParameterSignature, getParent, getSubExpression, getSubExpressionCount, isCached, isCacheEnabled, removeAllSubExpressions, removeSubExpression, removeSubExpression, setCachedValue, setCacheEnabled, setSubExpression, write

Method Detail


Expression getDelegate()
Returns the delegate to which this is a proxy.

An expression that is a delegate.
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