Package com.bea.p13n.model

Interface Summary
DocumentModel The interface for a document that contains models.
Model.ChangeListener The interface to listen to a model's change events.

Class Summary
Comparison An object representing a comparison between a property and a literal value or property.
DefaultDocumentModel A default implementation of DocumentModel.
Model The base model class for all wlp-schema based model.
Model.ChangeEvent A model change event.
Model.ChangeSupport Helper class for managing ChangeListeners.
Model.Debug Debug class.
PropertyContainer An object representing the comparision of a property to a set of literals and/or other properties.
PropertyRefModel A object representing a property reference.
XmlDateTimeUtil ISO8601 date utility.
XmlObjectModel A base class for a model that holds onto an XmlObject.

Enum Summary
Comparison.Type The type of comparison this is: property to literal value, or property to property.
Model.ChangeEvent.Type Enumeration of the possible types of changes.
Operator An enumeration representing a comparison operator between a left-hand-side property and a right-hand-side property or literal value.
PropertyRefModel.DataType The possible data types.
PropertyRefModel.PropertySetType The known property set types.

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