Package com.bea.p13n.usermgmt.profile

Interface Summary
AnonymousProfileWrapper A ProfileWrapper that represents an AnonymousProfile.
PhantomProfileWrapper A ProfileWrapper that represents a phantom Profile.
ProfileManager ProfileManager is a stateless session bean used to access profile values.
ProfileManagerHome The home interface for the ProfileManager Session Beans.
ProfileWrapper ProfileWrapper is a lightweight object that can be used to access a user or group profile.

Class Summary
CustomProfileIdentity Lightweight object to represent a profile's identity.
MixedProfileIdentity Lightweight object to represent a profile's identity.
ProfileFactory Factory class for retrieving user and group profiles.
ProfileIdentity Lightweight object to represent a profile's identity.
ProfileType Typesafe enum pattern for profile types
ProfileValueCache This class provides access to all cached properties values of a profile

Exception Summary
ProfileNotFoundException Application exception to signify that a requested profile could not be found in the database.
ProfileSystemException System exception to signify a low-level error in the profile components.
SuccessorNotFoundException Application exception to signal that a profile's successor could not be resolved.

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