Class AnonymousUserUpdateAction

  extended by com.bea.p13n.usermgmt.servlets.jsp.taglib.AnonymousUserUpdateAction
All Implemented Interfaces

public class AnonymousUserUpdateAction
extends Object
implements PrivilegedExceptionAction

A class to handle transferring properties from an anonymous profile to a newly created user's profile. This implements PrivilegedExceptionAction, and is meant to be run through a runAs type method with the Subject of the user that was just created, so that it will have the appropriate permissions to update the profile.

Constructor Summary
AnonymousUserUpdateAction(ProfileWrapper anonProfile, String username)
          Construct and initialize a new AnonymousUserUpdateAction
Method Summary
 Object run()
          Iterate through the properties in the anonymous profile, and save them in the user's profile.
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Constructor Detail


public AnonymousUserUpdateAction(ProfileWrapper anonProfile,
                                 String username)
Construct and initialize a new AnonymousUserUpdateAction

anonProfile - a ProfileWrapper containing properties to save
username - the name of the user to transfer the properties to
Method Detail


public Object run()
           throws RemoteException,
Iterate through the properties in the anonymous profile, and save them in the user's profile. This will only throw exceptions if the new profile cannot be accessed; if an error occurs transfering profiles, it will be logged, but an exception will not be thrown.

Specified by:
run in interface PrivilegedExceptionAction

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