Class Summary
AdContentProviderTaxonomy Taxonmy for an AdContentProvider, which is parented by an AdService taxonomy.
AdServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the AdService node.
AtnHierarchyServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the AtnHierarchyService node.
AtnSecurityProviderServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the AtnSecurityProviderService node.
AtnSecurityProviderTaxonomy Taxonomy for an AtnSecurityProvider node, which is contained within the AtnSecurityProvider taxonomy.
BehaviorTrackingServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the BehaviorTrackingService node.
CampaignServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the CampaignService node.
CredentialVaultTaxonomy Taxonomy for the CredentialVault node.
EventServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the EventService node.
MailServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the MailService node.
MaintenanceModeTaxonomy Taxonomy for the MaintenanceMode node.
P13nCacheConfigTaxonomy Taxonomy for the p13nCacheConfig node.
P13nCacheTaxonomy Taxonomy for a P13nCache, which is contained within the P13nCacheConfig taxonomy.
P13nConfigTaxonomy Taxonomy for the P13nConfig node.
P13nProfileConfigTaxonomy Taxonomy for the P13nProfileConfig node.
P13nSecurityConfigTaxonomy Taxonomy for the P13nSecurityConfig node.
PortalResourcesTaxonomy Taxonomy for the PortalResources node.
PropertyAdapterTaxonomy Taxonomy for a PropertyAdapter taxonomy, which is contained within the P13nProfileConfig taxonomy.
RoleSecurityProviderServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the RoleSecurityProviderService node.
RoleSecurityProviderTaxonomy Taxonomy for a RoleSecurityProvider, which contained within the RoleSecurityProviderService taxonomy.
ScenarioServiceTaxonomy Taxonomy for the ScenarioService node.
ServiceAdminRootTaxonomy Taxonomy for the main ServiceAdmin node in the admin tools.
WpsConfigTaxonomy Taxonomy for the WpsConfig node.
WsrpConfigTaxonomy Taxonomy for the WsrpConfig node.
WsrpConsumerSecurityTaxonomy Taxonomy for the WsrpConsumerSecurity node.
WsrpProducerPortletRegistryTaxonomy Taxonomy for the WsrpProducerPortletRegistry node.

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