Class UserTaxonomyBuilder

  extended by com.bea.p13n.delegation.taxonomy.SimpleTaxonomyBuilder
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces
TaxonomyBuilder, Serializable

public class UserTaxonomyBuilder
extends SimpleTaxonomyBuilder

Taxonomy for a User, which is contained in the Users top level taxonomy node.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
UserTaxonomyBuilder(String name)
UserTaxonomyBuilder(UserView userView)
          Constructs a User taxonomy.
Method Summary
 StringBuilder buildTaxonomy()
          Builds the taxonomy String associated with this TaxonomyBuilder.
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Constructor Detail


public UserTaxonomyBuilder(UserView userView)
Constructs a User taxonomy.

userView - the UserView that defines the User


public UserTaxonomyBuilder(String name)
Method Detail


public StringBuilder buildTaxonomy()
Description copied from interface: TaxonomyBuilder
Builds the taxonomy String associated with this TaxonomyBuilder. This may involve other TaxonomyBuilders in cases where there is a heirarchical structure to the taxonomy.


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