Interface TagAdapter

All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseFieldTagAdapter, ButtonTagAdapter, CheckboxTagAdapter, FileTag, HiddenTag, ImageTagAdapter, NestedFileTag, NestedHiddenTag, NestedPasswordTag, NestedTextTag, PasswordTag, RadioTagAdapter, SelectTagAdapter, TextareaTagAdapter, TextTag, TextTag

public interface TagAdapter

TagAdapter interface for WLP Tag Adapters

This interface is based on 3rd party types and is thus dependent upon announced or unannounced changes to those 3rd party types. Implementations of this interface by other parties must not be expected to compile without change in future versions of Oracle Weblogic Portal or in future versions of the 3rd party types.

Method Summary
 void adaptPrepareIndex(StringBuffer handlers, String name)

Method Detail


void adaptPrepareIndex(StringBuffer handlers,
                       String name)
                       throws javax.servlet.jsp.JspException

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