Interface Summary
BulkPortletManager Manages bulk portlet operations on producers.
ExportContext Contains export context information provided by the producer during an export operation.
ExportedPortlet Contains information for a single exported portlet.
ExportedPortlets Contains a batch of successfully exported portlets, along with the export context provided by the producer at the time of export.
ExportPortletsResponse The response from the export portlets operation.
FailedPortlet Contains information about a portlet which failed to be exported or copied on the producer.
ImportedPortlet Contains information about a successfully imported portlet.
ImportFailedPortlet Contains information about a portlet which failed to be imported.
ImportPortletsResponse Contains the results of an import operation- which portlets succeeded and which failed.
IProxyPortletStateManager An SPI for managing state of proxy portlets.
ProxyPortletManager Manages proxy portlets for one or more producers.

Class Summary
BulkPortletManager.Factory A BulkPortletManager factory.
IProxyPortletStateManager.Factory Return an SPI implementation.
ProxyPortletInfo Proxy portlet metadata.
ProxyPortletManager.Factory A ProxyPortletManager factory.

Exception Summary
BulkOperationNotSupportedException Thrown if the producer does not support the bulk portlet operation being requested.
ExportBatchTooLargeException Thrown if the batch of portlets to be exported is larger than the producer's recommended maximum export batch size.
ProxyPortletManagerException A generic exception thrown by implementations managing proxy portlets.

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