Interface UserPropertyMapper

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractUserPropertyMapper, DefaultUserPropertyMapper

public interface UserPropertyMapper

Used to map consumer user properties to the properties the producer requested. To register an implementation of this interface, specify the implementation's class name in the WEB-INF/wsrp-user-property-config.xml file along with the producer handle the mapper should be applied to. For example:


Method Summary
 Collection<UserProperty> mapProperties(RequiredUserProperties requiredProperties, Map<String,String> map, EntityPropertyCache profile)
          Map the consumer's properties (profile) to the producer's (return).

Method Detail


Collection<UserProperty> mapProperties(RequiredUserProperties requiredProperties,
                                       Map<String,String> map,
                                       EntityPropertyCache profile)

Map the consumer's properties (profile) to the producer's (return).

Generally the map will be as follows:

However the you may use whatever format strings your mapper understands.

requiredProperties - the properties requested by the producer
map - A map where the key is the producer's name and the value is the consumer's name
profile - the User's profile on the consumer
the properties mapped to the producer or null for no mapped properties

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