Package com.bea.wsrp.model

Interface Summary
IBookDescription Book description.
IItemDescription Describes an item with a name and description.
ILocalizedString A localized string, with a value and a locale.
IMarkupType Markup type offered by a portlet.
IMutableRegistrationContext Mutable registration context.
INavigableDescription Navigable description.
INillable Nillable types implement this interface
IOfferedEntity Producer offered entity.
IPageDescription Page description
IParameterDescription A producer offered portlet description.
IPlaceableDescription A placeable entity offered by the producer.
IPortletContext Interface to manage context (handle and state) of remote portlets.
IPortletDescription A producer offered portlet description.
IPortletRefDescription Portlet reference used in a book or a page.
IPropertyDescription Property description
IRegistrationContext Registration context
IRegistrationPropertyDescription Registration property description
IServiceDescription Service description of the producer.

Enum Summary
IServiceDescription.CookieProtocol Cookie protocol.

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