Interface EventPortlet

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public interface EventPortlet

The EventPortlet interface allows portlets receiving events.

Events are part of the action processing and must be finished before the rendering phase can start. Portlets can receive events issued by other portlets or portlet container defined events.

Portlets should declare the events it would like to receive via the supported-processing-event tag and events published via the supported-publishing-event tag in the portlet deployment descriptor.

The event model is a loosely coupled model where the wiring between published and receiving events is done at the portal / portlet container level.


Method Summary
 void processEvent(EventRequest request, EventResponse response)
          Called by the portlet container requesting the portlet to process a specific event.

Method Detail


void processEvent(EventRequest request,
                  EventResponse response)
                  throws PortletException,
Called by the portlet container requesting the portlet to process a specific event.

request - the event request
response - the event response
PortletException - if the portlet has problems fulfilling the request
UnavailableException - if the portlet is unavailable to process the event at this time
PortletSecurityException - if the portlet cannot fullfill this request because of security reasons
IOException - if the streaming causes an I/O problem

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