6.3. Networks

6.3.1. Network Card Limit in Virtual Machines
6.3.2. ARP Packet Checksum Errors
6.3.3. Changing Cluster Heartbeat Network Does Not Reflect New IP Address

This section contains the known issues and workarounds related to networks and networking.

6.3.1. Network Card Limit in Virtual Machines

Oracle VM Manager supports eight network cards for each HVM virtual machine as outlined in Table 5 “Virtual machine maximums”. However, the system library does not allow users to add more than three network cards when creating a virtual machine from installation media.

Workaround: After the virtual machine is created, add up to five new network cards by editing the virtual machine in Oracle VM Manager.

6.3.2. ARP Packet Checksum Errors

VLANs over bond mode 6 (balance-alb) bridge interface are not supported as this mode is incompatible with VLAN bridge interfaces.

Workaround: There are two workarounds for this problem:

  • Use bond mode 6 as a bridge interface; do not use VLANs over bond mode 6.

  • Use VLANs over bond modes (1=active-backup or 4=802.3ad) as a bridge interface.

6.3.3. Changing Cluster Heartbeat Network Does Not Reflect New IP Address

If you move the Cluster Heartbeat network role to another network, with a different IP address, the change is not reflected in the Oracle VM Servers.

Workaround: Edit the /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf file on each Oracle VM Server in the network to reflect the new IP address, and restart each Oracle VM Server.