3.4. Installing Oracle VM Manager

3.4.1. Mounting the Oracle VM Manager Installer Media
3.4.2. Running the Oracle VM Manager Installer
3.4.3. Performing a Silent Install
3.4.4. Configuring the NTP Service
3.4.5. Installing and Configuring a VNC Viewer
3.4.6. Installation Logs
3.4.7. Installation Directories

It takes approximately 8-15 minutes to complete the installation of Oracle VM Manager, depending on the performance of the Oracle VM Manager host, and the installation type you choose.

Before you can being the install, download the Oracle VM Manager software from:


This section describes the Oracle VM Manager installation process.


If you want to install Oracle VM Manager in a virtualized environment, do not install it on Oracle VM Server (dom0) directly; install it into a virtual machine running on an Oracle VM Server. For more information, see Section 3.7, “Running Oracle VM Manager as a Virtual Machine”.