3.4.2. Running the Oracle VM Manager Installer Demo Install Production Install Production Install with a Remote Database

To install Oracle VM Manager, enter the mount point you created in Section 3.4.1, “Mounting the Oracle VM Manager Installer Media”, for example, /OVMCD and start the installation with the runInstaller script as the root user:

# cd /OVMCD
# ./runInstaller.sh

A set of installer options are displayed:

Please select an installation type:
   1: Demo
   2: Production
   3: Uninstall
   4: Help

At the command prompt, enter 1 (a demo install) or 2 (a production install) to install Oracle VM Manager. If you already have Oracle VM Manager installed and want to uninstall it, select 3 (uninstall).

See Section, “Demo Install” for information on installing Oracle VM Manager and Oracle XE database, using the same password for all components. This should only be used in non-production environments. Oracle XE is not a supported product and Oracle Support Services cannot provide bug fixes or patches for this product.

See Section, “Production Install” for information on installing Oracle VM Manager as a production-level installation. This is the preferred installation type, with options for selecting Oracle SE or EE database as the location for the Oracle VM Manager repository, as well as setting individual passwords for each component.

See Section 3.11, “Uninstalling Oracle VM Manager” for information on uninstalling Oracle VM Manager, and its components such as Oracle XE (if applicable), Oracle WebLogic Server, ADF and Java.

You can also perform a silent install using the installer script optional parameters. See Appendix A, Oracle VM Manager Installation Script (runInstaller) at the end of this chapter for the full syntax to the installation script and how to perform a silent install.

The following sections walk through the following demo and production install options.