2.3. Changing the Oracle VM Agent Password

The Oracle VM Agent password is used by Oracle VM Manager when you discover an Oracle VM Server. You set this password during the Oracle VM Server installation. This section discusses changing the Oracle VM Agent password.

To change the Oracle VM Agent password:

  1. Log into the Oracle VM Server as the root user.

  2. Start the ovs-agent-passwd utility and pass in the Oracle VM Agent user, oracle.

    # ovs-agent-passwd oracle
  3. You are prompted to enter the new password, then confirm the new password by entering it again.


The Oracle VM Agent password is changed.


When an Oracle VM Server has been discovered in Oracle VM Manager and has been added to a server pool, it is recommended to change the Oracle VM Agent password through the user interface. In that case, the password is changed in a single operation for all members of a server pool. If servers in a server pool have different agent passwords, the server pool will no longer function correctly.