7.9.8. Viewing Virtual Machine Details

You can view information about a virtual machine on the virtual machine's Info tab. The Info tab contains information about the configuration, networks and storage, and jobs associated with the virtual machine.

To view details of a virtual machine:

  1. Select the Home view.

  2. Select the virtual machine from the Server Pools folder. The configuration information about the virtual machine is displayed in the Info tab.

The Configuration management pane contains information about the virtual machine's operating system, processors, memory, repository location, and so on. The Networks & Storage management pane contains information on the virtual machine's network configuration, virtual disks, ISOs, repository contents, and so on. The Jobs management pane lists all the jobs associated with the virtual machine.

All events associated with the virtual machine are displayed in the Events tab.

To edit the virtual machine details, see Section 7.9.9, “Editing a Virtual Machine”.