4.6.5. Removing Storage

Before you can remove a storage server, you should delete any storage repositories and server pool file systems on it.

If there is a storage repository on the storage server, all virtual machine resources such as virtual machine templates, virtual disks, assemblies and ISO files must be removed from the repository. If the storage repository is on a file server (NFS server), you should also release ownership of the storage repository before you delete the repository. Deleting an unowned storage repository only removes it from the Oracle VM Manager database; it does not delete any files in the repository. If the storage repository is on a storage array (physical disk), all of the contents of the storage repository must be deleted. Then the file system on which the storage repository resides must also be deleted.

If there is a server pool file system on the storage server, the server pool must be deleted to delete the server pool file system.

The storage server may now be shut down and decommissioned.

For more information on working with virtual machine resources, see Section 7.5, “Virtual Machine Resources”. For more information on deleting a server pool, see Section 6.8.6, “Deleting a Server Pool”. For more information on releasing ownership of a storage repository, see Section 4.8.3, “Editing a Storage Repository”. For more information on deleting a storage repository, see Section 4.8.4, “Deleting a Storage Repository”.