B.1.8. Aborting A Job

If a job is running or fails to complete, you can abort the job to cancel it. Administrators can abort the jobs of all users.

If you abort a job, all queued operations roll back to the pre-job state. Some job operations, such as renaming an object, complete quickly. Others, such as adjusting the memory used by a virtual machine, take longer.

There are two ways to abort a job:

Both procedures for aborting jobs are listed below.

To abort a job using the Jobs view:

  1. Select the Jobs view.

  2. Select the Jobs tab.

  3. Select the job in the Jobs table.

  4. Click Abort in the toolbar.

To abort a job using the Jobs pane:

  1. In any view, other than the Jobs view, select the job in the Jobs pane.

  2. Click Abort in the Abort column.