B.1. Working with the Jobs Framework

B.1.1. Jobs Overview
B.1.2. Jobs and Resource Locking
B.1.3. Locks and Multiple Users
B.1.4. Job Failure and Rollback
B.1.5. Jobs and Events
B.1.6. Job States
B.1.7. Starting A Job
B.1.8. Aborting A Job
B.1.9. Determining the Cause of a Job Failure

Oracle VM Manager uses a job operations framework that supports a flexible approach to the configuration of physical and virtual objects. Oracle VM Manager maintains an accurate and consistent view of the virtualization environment while users perform separate and simultaneous jobs. Each configuration change (a transaction performed by a single user) is considered a job.

The following sections describe jobs, and how resources are locked and released at the start and conclusion of each job, and how to manage jobs.