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Oracle Identity Analytics Business Administrator's Guide 11g Release 1
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1.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Warehouse

2.  Oracle Identity Analytics Importing

Understanding the Import Process

Importing Users

To Import Users

Importing Accounts

To Import Accounts

Importing Roles

To Import Roles

Importing Policies

To Import Policies

Importing Business Structures

To Import Business Structures

Importing Glossary Definitions

To Import Glossary Definitions

Scheduling Import and Export Jobs

Configuring the Import Process

Verifying Imports

To Verify Success of Imports From the Front-End

To Verify Success of Import From the Back-End

3.  Oracle Identity Analytics ETL Process

4.  Oracle Identity Analytics Data Correlation

5.  Oracle Identity Analytics Role Engineering and Management

6.  Oracle Identity Analytics Workflows

7.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Certifications

8.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Audit

9.  Oracle Identity Analytics Reports

10.  Oracle Identity Analytics Scheduling

11.  Oracle Identity Analytics Configuration

12.  Oracle Identity Analytics Access Control

13.  Audit Event Log and Import-Export Log

Configuring the Import Process

Oracle Identity Analytics can import multiple files at the same time and can insert or update its database using different batch sizes. File import properties are configured in $RBACX_HOME/conf/ These properties are set at their default value, and can be changed by the administrator depending on the needs of the organization.

Property Name
Default Value
Maximum Concurrent Imports
Specifies the number of files to import concurrently.
Maximum Errors Limit
Specifies the maximum number of errors per file before aborting the process.
Batch Size
Specifies the number of records to read and process in a batch during an import.
Correlation Parameters
Specifies whether orphan accounts (accounts that are not correlated to a global user) are dropped (True) or saved (False) as orphan accounts during the import process.
Correlation Options
Allows further control over correlation of accounts to users during the import process. Options available are Always (all accounts are correlated on every import), Orphan (only orphan accounts are correlated; established user-account associations are not updated), and Never (accounts are not correlated).
Drop Location
Specifies the location where the feeds to be imported are placed.
Complete Location
Specifies the location where the input files are moved after processing.
Schema Location
Specifies the location where the schema files are placed.