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Oracle Identity Analytics Business Administrator's Guide 11g Release 1
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1.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Warehouse

2.  Oracle Identity Analytics Importing

3.  Oracle Identity Analytics ETL Process

4.  Oracle Identity Analytics Data Correlation

5.  Oracle Identity Analytics Role Engineering and Management

6.  Oracle Identity Analytics Workflows

7.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Certifications

8.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Audit

9.  Oracle Identity Analytics Reports

Working With Custom Reports

To Upload a Custom Report Template in Oracle Identity Analytics

To Run a Custom Report

10.  Oracle Identity Analytics Scheduling

11.  Oracle Identity Analytics Configuration

12.  Oracle Identity Analytics Access Control

13.  Audit Event Log and Import-Export Log

Working With Custom Reports

You can run custom reports in Oracle Identity Analytics to suit the requirements of your organization.

The following steps are involved in creating and running custom reports:

  1. Creating a reports template using JasperReports. JasperReports is an open source Java reporting tool that can write to screen, to a printer, or to various file formats, including PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, RTF, ODT, comma-separated value (CSV), and XML. It reads its instructions from an XML or .jasper file.

  2. Using the Oracle Identity Analytics user interface, upload the reports template to Oracle Identity Analytics.

  3. Running or scheduling the report as needed.

To Upload a Custom Report Template in Oracle Identity Analytics

  1. Log in to Oracle Identity Analytics.

  2. Choose Reports > Custom Reports.

  3. Click New Custom Report.

    The New Custom Report window opens.

  4. Complete the form as follows:

    • Report Name - Type a name for the report.

    • Sub Report - If you require sub-reports, select this check box.

      Selecting this option will display additional fields that you can use to specify subreport templates to be uploaded.

    • Prompts - Oracle Identity Analytics has four prompts: Business Structure, Users, Date Range, Roles, and Custom Properties.

      Custom reports can be run on any or all of the prompts that you select. Custom Properties will display five prompts where you can enter relevant values to run the report.

    • File Uploads - Click Browse to upload the XML or .jasper report template file.

      (Report templates were discussed in the previous topic, Working With Custom Reports.)

  5. Click Save.

To Run a Custom Report

  1. Log in to Oracle Identity Analytics.

  2. Choose Reports > Ad Hoc Reports.

  3. Click Custom Reports.

  4. Click the Report that you want to view and click Run.

  5. Select the business structure, users, date range, or roles depending on the prompt.

  6. Click the Actions drop-down menu for options to export the file in other formats.

    Formats offered include PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML, XML, and Print.

  7. (Optional) To download the report, click Download in either the Download PDF Report column or the Download CSV Report column.