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Oracle Identity Analytics Business Administrator's Guide 11g Release 1
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1.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Warehouse

2.  Oracle Identity Analytics Importing

3.  Oracle Identity Analytics ETL Process

4.  Oracle Identity Analytics Data Correlation

5.  Oracle Identity Analytics Role Engineering and Management

6.  Oracle Identity Analytics Workflows

7.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Certifications

8.  Oracle Identity Analytics Identity Audit

9.  Oracle Identity Analytics Reports

10.  Oracle Identity Analytics Scheduling

11.  Oracle Identity Analytics Configuration

System Configuration

Proxy Assignment Notification

Mail Server Settings

OIA Server Settings

Resource Types Configuration

To Create, Rename, and Delete a Resource Type

Understanding Resource Type Attributes and Attribute Categories

To Create, Rename, and Delete an Attribute Category

Configuring Resource Type Attributes

To Create, Rename, Edit, and Delete an Attribute

Provisioning Servers Configuration

To Create a New Provisioning Server Connection

Identity Certification Configuration

To Configure Identity Certification

Completing the Certification Configuration Form "General" Section

To Complete the Certification Configuration Form "Status Options" Section

To Complete the Certification Configuration Form "Reminders" Section

To Complete the Certification Configuration Form "Revoke and Remediation" Section

Role Management Configuration

To Configure Mining

To Configure Roles

Identity Audit Configuration

To Configure Identity Audit

To Configure E-Mails for Violation Reminder and Escalation

To Configure E-mails For Violation Lifecycle Event Notifications

Reports Configuration

To Configure Report Reminder E-mails

E-mail Templates Configuration (Configuring E-mail Notification)

To Create and Configure E-mail Notifications

E-mail Parameters Definitions


Workflows Configuration

Event Listeners Configuration

To Create a New Event Listener

12.  Oracle Identity Analytics Access Control

13.  Audit Event Log and Import-Export Log

Workflows Configuration

A workflow is a specific sequence of actions or tasks that are related to a business process. In Oracle Identity Analytics, workflows enumerate each step involved in the various process, such as role and policy creation, role and policy modification, and so on. It lists all the actors, who play a pivotal role in management of roles and policies, and their function.

Oracle Identity Analytics has nine workflows:

Details about understanding and designing workflows are discussed in the Oracle Identity Analytics Workflows Chapter.