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Oracle Identity Analytics System Integrator's Guide 11g Release 1
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1.  Integrating With Oracle Identity Manager, Preferred Method

2.  Integrating With Oracle Identity Manager, Deprecated Method

3.  Integrating With Oracle Waveset (Sun Identity Manager)

4.  Integrating With Other Provisioning Servers

5.  Authenticating With LDAP

6.  Integrating With Intellitactics Security Manager

7.  Configuring Oracle Identity Analytics For Web Access Control

8.  Customizing The Oracle Identity Analytics User Interface

Before You Begin

Configuring Logos

To Configure a Custom Logo

Configuring Labels

To Modify Menu Labels

To Modify User Labels

Configuring Error Messages

To Modify My Requests Error Messages

To Modify Identity Certification Error Messages

Configuring the Maximum Number of Identity Certification Records That Should Display in the UI

To Modify Identity Certification Batch Sizes in the UI

A.  Oracle Waveset Sample Workflows

Configuring Logos

The Oracle Identity Analytics home screen displays the default logo.

If Oracle Identity Analytics is hosted on the Apache Tomcat application server, the directory where the .war file is expanded is usually set to the following location:



On Windows

C:\Program Files\Vaau\RBACx2008\tomcat55\webapps\rbacx

This path is referred to as $RBACX_WAR in this chapter.

Note - If you are using an application server other than Tomcat, contact a system administrator to determine the location of the deployed Oracle Identity Analytics WAR file.

To Configure a Custom Logo

  1. Open the $RBACX_WAR/images directory and replace the logo.gif file with your company logo.

    Ensure that the company logo follows the same naming convention, which is logo.gif.

  2. Open Oracle Identity Analytics to view the new logo.

    The new logo is displayed throughout the application.

  3. If the new logo is not displayed immediately, restart the application server.