2.6. Using Oracle VM Pool Control

2.6.1. Command Line Options and Parameters of ovm_poolcontrol
2.6.2. Examples of ovm_poolcontrol Usage

The ovm_poolcontrol utility allows the administrator to quickly retrieve information about the status of a given server pool under the control of this Oracle VM Manager, and view and acknowledge events registered for both the server pool and its Oracle VM Server members.

2.6.1. Command Line Options and Parameters of ovm_poolcontrol

The ovm_poolcontrol utility has the following command line options:

  • -u user name of an Oracle VM Manager admin user (required)

  • -p password corresponding with the admin user name (required)

  • -h host name of the server running Oracle VM Manager (required)

  • -X use SSL to connect to Oracle VM Manager

  • -s server pool name

  • -I server pool UUID (which is a series of 16 hexadecimal numbers separated by colons)

  • -S Oracle VM Server name (use together with -c addserver/removeserver)

  • -A acknowledge events (use together with -c events)

    [all, pool]: acknowledge events for both server pool and servers, or for the server pool only

  • -c console command (required)

    [commands: list, addserver, removeserver, events, status, info]


With the addserver and removeserver commands, only a very basic add/remove of the server is performed; no assigning or unassigning of networks and repositories occurs.

2.6.2. Examples of ovm_poolcontrol Usage

Below are examples of ovm_poolcontrol commands and their respective output.

  • List all server pools and their status:

    # ./ovm_poolcontrol -u admin -p password -h localhost -c list
    Oracle VM Pool Control utility 0.5.2.
    Command : list
    Repository : 'MyServerPool1'
         ID     : '0004fb0000020000d2ee5d9394b371c5'
         Status : 'Online'
    Repository : 'MyServerPool2'
         ID     : '0004fb0000020000183c51866b2fa4a1'
         Status : 'Online'
  • Display detailed information of a server pool:

    # ./ovm_poolcontrol -u admin -p password -h localhost -s MyServerPool1 -c info
    Oracle VM Pool Control utility 0.5.2.
    Command : info
    Server Pool : MyServerPool1
            Status          : Online
            ID              : 0004fb0000020000d2ee5d9394b371c5
            Virtual IP      :
            Clustered       : true
            Master Server   : MyServer1
            KeyMap          : en-us
            Load Balancer   : Off
            Pool Memory     : 57342
            Available Memory: 54631
            Total Threads   : 8
            CPU Utilization : 23%
            Servers in this server pool :
               Name   : 'MyServer1'
               Status : 'Running'
               Name   : 'MyServer2'
               Status : 'Running'
               Name   : 'MyServer3'
               Status : 'Running'
  • Acknowledge server pool events:

    # ./ovm_poolcontrol -u admin -p password -h localhost -s MyServerPool1 -c events -A pool
    Oracle VM Pool Control utility 0.5.2.
    Command : events
    Server Pool Events for pool 'MyServerPool'