.NET API Reference for Oracle Entitlements Server 11.1.2

The IPepRequestFactory type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetContainerName
Return the name of the container configured for this IPepRequestFactory.
Public methodGetDecisionHandler
Return the IDecisionHandler that was set when the IPepRequestFactory was created.
Public methodGetPostDecisionHandlers
Return the List of IPostDecisionHandlers that was set when the PepRequestFactory was created.
Public methodGetPreDecisionHandlers
Return the List of IPreDecisionHandlers that was set when the IPepRequestFactory was created.
Public methodGetProviderClassName
Return the name of the class that implements this instance of IPepRequestFactory
Public methodGetResponseFactory
Helper method to return the IPepResponseFactory that was configured with this PepRequestFactory. May be used by applications to set the PepResponseBehavior that controls how the IPepResponse#Allowed() method behaves when it returns its result.
Public methodNewBulkPepRequest
Create a IPepRequest using objects, where a list of n action objects and a corresponding list of n resource objects are provided to represent n resource-action pairs. A decision for each resource-action pair will be returned, when IPepRequest.Decide() is invoked.
Public methodNewPepRequest(String, String, String)
Create a IPepRequest just using Strings
Public methodNewPepRequest(Object, Object, Object, Object)
Create a IPepRequest using objects
Public methodNewQueryPepRequest(Object, Object, String, PepRequestQueryType)
Create a PepRequest using subject and environment objects, plus a "scope" String that represents a PDP policy-specific resource representation. When the IPepRequest.Decide() method is invoked, based on PepRequestQueryType will return either
             	- a list of Allowed ResourceAction pairs within scope
            	- a list of Denied ResourceAction pairs within scope
            	- or a list of full detailed results for all 
            	ResourceAction pairs within scope
Public methodNewQueryPepRequest(Object, Object, Object, Object, PepResponseType, Boolean)
Create a PepRequest using objects for subject, resource, action, environment and scope.

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