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Class PolicyConstants

  extended by oracle.iam.platform.authopss.api.PolicyConstants

public final class PolicyConstants
extends java.lang.Object

This class is used to define the constants.

Nested Class Summary
static interface PolicyConstants.Actions
static class PolicyConstants.AdminRole
          Enums to represent the admin role.
static class PolicyConstants.ApplicationInstanceActions
          enum for the Application Instance.
static class PolicyConstants.ApprovalPolicyActions
          enum for the Approval policy.
static class PolicyConstants.CatalogActions
          enum for the Catalog.
static class PolicyConstants.CommonActions
          enum for the Plugin.
static class PolicyConstants.DenialReason
static class PolicyConstants.DiagnosticDashboardActions
          enum for the Diagnostic dashboard.
static class PolicyConstants.EntitlementActions
          enum for the Entitlement Actions.
static class PolicyConstants.IdentityAttributeConfigurationActions
          enum for the User-Management Config.
static class PolicyConstants.InternalObligations
          enum for the internal Organization scoping obligation.
static class PolicyConstants.NotificationActions
          enum for the Notification.
static class PolicyConstants.Obligations
          enum for the User.
static class PolicyConstants.OIMUIActions
          enum for the OIMUI Actions.
static class PolicyConstants.OperationContextAppRoles
static class PolicyConstants.OrganizationActions
          enum for the Organization.
static class PolicyConstants.OrganizationScopingSecurityAttributes
          enum for the org scoping security attributes.
static class PolicyConstants.PasswordPolicyActions
          enum for the Password Policy.
static class PolicyConstants.PlatformServiceActions
          enum for the Platform Service.
static class PolicyConstants.PluginActions
          enum for the Plugin.
static class PolicyConstants.ReconciliationActions
          enum for the Recon.
static class PolicyConstants.RequestDatasetActions
          enum for the Request Dataset.
static class PolicyConstants.RequestProfileActions
          enum for the Request Profile.
static class PolicyConstants.ResourceObjectActions
          enum for the Resource Object.
static class PolicyConstants.Resources
          Enum for the resource types.
static class PolicyConstants.ResourceSecurityAttributes
          enum for the resource security attributes.
static class PolicyConstants.RoleActions
          enum for the Role.
static class PolicyConstants.RoleCategoryActions
          enum for the Role Category.
static class PolicyConstants.SchedulerActions
          enum for the Scheduler.
static class PolicyConstants.SubjectSecurityAttributes
          enum for the subject's security attributes.
static class PolicyConstants.SystemPropertiesActions
          enum for the System Properties.
static class PolicyConstants.UserActions
          enum for the User.


Field Summary
static java.lang.String APPLICATION_NAME
static java.lang.String MANAGE
static java.lang.String OIM_POLICY_DOMAIN
static java.lang.String PUBLISH_TO_ORG
static java.lang.String VIEW_SEARCH_ENTITY


Constructor Summary


Method Summary
static PolicyConstants.Actions lookupActions(java.lang.String resourceType, java.lang.String action)
static PolicyConstants.Resources lookupResources(java.lang.String resourceType)


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String APPLICATION_NAME
See Also:
Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String OIM_POLICY_DOMAIN
See Also:
Constant Field Values


public static java.lang.String VIEW_SEARCH_ENTITY


public static java.lang.String PUBLISH_TO_ORG


public static java.lang.String MANAGE

Constructor Detail


public PolicyConstants()

Method Detail


public static PolicyConstants.Resources lookupResources(java.lang.String resourceType)


public static PolicyConstants.Actions lookupActions(java.lang.String resourceType,
                                                    java.lang.String action)

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