35 Understanding Customization Types

All customizations in Oracle Identity Manager are managed by using the following types of utilities:

  • Deployment and undeployment utilities: The following types of utilities can be used for deployment and undeployment purposes:

    • Database-specific utilities: These are utilities in Oracle Identity Manager that have the capability to take the input customization and insert it in the relevant database table. For example, the Plug-in Registration Utility takes the plugin pack and inserts it into the Plugin table in Oracle Identity Manager database. See "Developing Plug-ins" for information about the Plug-in Registration Utility.

    • SOA ANT- based utilities: There are some ANT-based utilities from SOA suite for deploying or undeploying a SOA composite or approval workflow. Refer to SOA documentation for information about SOA ANT- based utilities.

    • OPSS policy migration tool: This tool is used for migrating Oracle Identity Manager authorization OES policies that you have changed based on some advanced authorization customizations.

    • Oracle Enterprise manager: The Enterprise Manager (EM) is the Fusion Middleware diagnostic and monitoring application. Using EM, you can deploy or undeploy customizations in Meta Data Store (MDS) and SOA composites or approval workflows.

      You can use EM to insert data in to the MDS. For example, you can use the EM to insert the LDAP synchronization user attribute mapping XML into MDS. See "Deploying and Undeploying Customizations" for information about exporting and importing metadata files to and from MDS.

    • IDE: Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Jdeveloper, provides ways to deploy SOA composites or approval workflows.

  • Test to Production utilities: This refer to the utilities used to migrate the customizations from an Oracle Identity Manager deployment to another. For example, you can customize Oracle Identity Manager in a test environment, and then migrate the customizations to the production environment. This is done by using the Deployment Manager utility, as described in "Migrating Configurations and Customizations".

    Another example of Test to Production utility is the Sandbox, which is used to migrate UI customizations from one deployment to another. See "Managing Sandboxes" for information about the Sandbox.

Table 35-1 lists the Oracle Identity Manager artifacts that can be migrated via the deployment/undeployment and Test to Production utilities:

Table 35-1 Oracle Identity Manager Artifacts and Type of Utilities

Component Artifacts for Deployment/Undeployment Artifacts for Test to Production and Deployment/Undeployment

Identity Administration

Enterprise roles



Role category

Catalog items



Scheduled tasks (as Oracle Identity Manager plug-ins)


Access policies

SOA composites (workflows)


Request profiles

Generic Technology Connector (GTC) providers


Lookup code

Event handlers (as Oracle Identity Manager plug-in)


Attestation processes

Resource bundle


OES policies

Oracle Identity Manager plug-ins


User defined fields (UDFs) for user, role, organization, catalog, and resource

Provisioning customizations (JAR files)


Scheduled jobs

Notification events (as Oracle Identity Manager plug-in)


IT resource types

Callback policy


IT resources

UI customizations


Application instances

Third-party JAR files


Resource objects

Custom JAAS login modules


Process forms


Reconciliation profile


Provisioning workflows and process task adapters


Data object definitions




OBR rules


Notification templates


Error codes


System properties


E-mail definitions


UMS-based notification (Oracle Identity Manager artifact)


UMS-based notification (EM artifact)


Password policies




Approval policies




Web Services Security Configurations


Artifacts from connector on Oracle Identity Manager server


Artifacts in Remote Manager


Scripts/executables associated with connectors


Changes to OIMConfig.xml


Custom diagnostic tests added to diagnostic framework




HTTPS configurations in Oracle Identity Manager


Entries in CSF files


SSL configuration between Oracle Identity Manager and Remote Manager


Secure cookies


LDAP Synchronization

OVD adapters

LDAP Container rules


Configurations in Oracle Identity Manager, OVD, and LDAP by idmConfigTool.sh

LDAP reconciliation profiles


LDAP attribute mappings

Web Access Management

All artifacts for LDAP synchronization


Configurations done by idmConfigTool.sh


Oracle Identity Manager WLS/WAS tier - IA Provider and other configurations


Identity Analytics/Compliance

Oracle Identity Manager stored procedure changes


OIA configurations - Oracle Identity Manager JAR files, XML file changes, provisioning server connection


Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Catalog items

SIL configuration


SIL registration artifacts


SIL provider - JAR


SIL provider - XML