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Part I Concepts

1 Product Overview

2 Product Architecture

3 Security Architecture

Part II Application Provisioning

4 Developing Application Instances

5 Developing Provisioning Processes

6 Developing Process Forms

7 Managing Lookup Definitions and Remote Manager

Part III Connectors

8 Using the Adapter Factory

9 Understanding the Identity Connector Framework

10 Developing Identity Connectors Using Java

11 Developing Identity Connectors Using .NET

12 Integrating ICF with Oracle Identity Manager

13 Using Java APIs for ICF Integration

14 Configuring ICF Connectors

15 Understanding ICF Best Practices and FAQs

16 Understanding Generic Technology Connectors

17 Predefined Providers for Generic Technology Connectors

18 Creating Custom Providers for Generic Technology Connectors

19 Creating and Managing Generic Technology Connectors

20 Troubleshooting Generic Technology Connectors

Part IV Requests and Approval Processes

21 Developing Workflows for Approval and Manual Provisioning

22 Using Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Part V Data Synchronization

23 Customizing Reconciliation

24 Using the Bulk Load Utility

25 Configuring LDAP Container Rules

26 Developing Scheduled Tasks

Part VI Custom Operations

27 Developing Plug-ins

28 Developing Event Handlers

29 Understanding Context

Part VII Customization

30 Customizing the Interface

Part VIII Interfaces to Integrate With Other Applications

31 Using APIs

32 Using SPML Services

Part IX Notification Service

33 Developing Notification Events

34 Using the Callback Service

Part X Customization Lifecycle

35 Understanding Customization Types

36 Deploying and Undeploying Customizations

37 Migrating Configurations and Customizations

Part XI Reports and Audit

38 Configuring Reports

39 Understanding Auditing

Part XII Appendixes

A General Customization Concepts

B The FacesUtils Class