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Oracle® Communications Converged Application Server Developer's Guide
Release 5.1

Part Number E27707-01
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Part I Introduction to Developing Applications for Converged Application Server

1 About Developing Applications for the Converged Application Server

Part II Developing Applications with the Service Creation Environment

2 Getting Started

3 Creating Applications with the Converged Application SCE Wizards

4 Using Simulators and Other Testing Tools

Part III Developing SIP Applications

5 Overview of SIP Servlet Application Development

6 Porting Existing Applications to Oracle Communications Converged Application Server

7 Requirements and Best Practices for SIP Applications

8 Using Compact and Long Header Formats for SIP Messages

9 Composing SIP Applications

10 Developing Converged Applications

11 Developing Custom Profile Service Providers

12 Using Content Indirection in SIP Servlets

13 Securing SIP Servlet Resources

14 Enabling Message Logging

15 Generating SNMP Traps from Application Code

16 Using the Location Service RESTful Interface

Part IV Developing Applications With the Service Foundation Toolkit

17 Introduction to the Service Foundation Toolkit

18 Packaging and Deploying SFT Applications

19 SFT Deployment Descriptor and Schema Reference

20 Event Orchestration in the Service Foundation Toolkit

21 Implementing Call Control Services

22 Using Announcements

23 Conferencing With Media Control

24 Using the XCAP Interfaces

25 Creating Instant Messaging and Rich Media Services