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Oracle® Fusion Accounting Hub Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.4)
Part Number E20374-04
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This Preface introduces the guides, online help, and other information sources available to help you more effectively use Oracle Fusion Applications.

Oracle Fusion Applications Help

You can access Oracle Fusion Applications Help for the current page, section, activity, or task by clicking the help icon. The following figure depicts the help icon.

Help Icon

You can add custom help files to replace or supplement the provided content. Each release update includes new help content to ensure you have access to the latest information. Patching does not affect your custom help content.

Oracle Fusion Applications Guides

Oracle Fusion Applications guides are a structured collection of the help topics, examples, and FAQs from the help system packaged for easy download and offline reference, and sequenced to facilitate learning. You can access the guides from the Guides menu in the global area at the top of Oracle Fusion Applications Help pages.

The Guides menu also provides access to the business process models on which Oracle Fusion Applications is based.

Guides are designed for specific audiences:

These guides cover specific business processes and offerings. Common areas are addressed in the guides listed in the following table.


Intended Audience


Common User Guide

All users

Explains tasks performed by most users.

Common Implementation Guide


Explains tasks within the Define Common Applications Configuration task list, which is included in all offerings.

Information Technology Management, Implement Applications Guide


Explains how to use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager to plan, manage, and track your implementation projects, migrate setup data, and validate implementations.

Technical Guides

System administrators, application developers, and technical members of implementation teams

Explain how to install, patch, administer, and customize Oracle Fusion Applications.

For guides that are not available from the Guides menu, go to Oracle Technology Network at

Other Information Sources

My Oracle Support

Oracle customers have access to electronic support through My Oracle Support. For information, visit or visit if you are hearing impaired.

Use the My Oracle Support Knowledge Browser to find documents for a product area. You can search for release-specific information, such as patches, alerts, white papers, and troubleshooting tips. Other services include health checks, guided lifecycle advice, and direct contact with industry experts through the My Oracle Support Community.

Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications provides visibility into service-oriented architecture assets to help you manage the lifecycle of your software from planning through implementation, testing, production, and changes. In Oracle Fusion Applications, you can use the Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications at for:

Documentation Accessibility

For information about Oracle's commitment to accessibility, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program website at

Comments and Suggestions

Your comments are important to us. We encourage you to send us feedback about Oracle Fusion Applications Help and guides. Please send your suggestions to You can use the Send Feedback to Oracle link in the footer of Oracle Fusion Applications Help.