Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink (Deprecated)
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Class AbstractSynchronizationListener

  extended by oracle.toplink.transaction.AbstractSynchronizationListener
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public abstract class AbstractSynchronizationListener
extends java.lang.Object

Purpose: Abstract Synchronization Listener class Description: This abstract class is paired with the AbstractTransactionController class. It contains most of the implementation logic to handle callback notifications from an external transaction manager to ensure consistency between the global transaction and the TopLink unit of work. It does not assume any particular specification or interface, but can be called by any implementation subclass.

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Method Summary
 oracle.toplink.internal.sequencing.SequencingCallback getSequencingCallback(DatabaseSession dbSession, oracle.toplink.internal.sequencing.SequencingCallbackFactory sequencingCallbackFactory)
          Return sequencingCallback corresponding to the passed session.
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Method Detail


public oracle.toplink.internal.sequencing.SequencingCallback getSequencingCallback(DatabaseSession dbSession,
                                                                                   oracle.toplink.internal.sequencing.SequencingCallbackFactory sequencingCallbackFactory)
Return sequencingCallback corresponding to the passed session.

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