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Class PatternTable

  extended by oracle.rules.sdk2.dictionary.DictionaryObject
      extended by oracle.rules.sdk2.dictionary.DictionaryComponentTable<T>
          extended by oracle.rules.sdk2.ruleset.RuleComponentTable<Pattern>
              extended by oracle.rules.sdk2.ruleset.PatternTable
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<Pattern>, java.util.Collection<Pattern>, java.util.List<Pattern>

public class PatternTable
extends RuleComponentTable<Pattern>

A PatternTable is a list of Patterns used in a Rule.

The Patterns in a PatternTable are combined using the conjuntions defined in each Pattern. By default, Patterns in the Table are And'd and there are no groups.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class oracle.rules.sdk2.dictionary.DictionaryComponentTable
Constructor Summary
PatternTable(DictionaryObject parent)
Method Summary
 boolean hasGroups()
          Used to tell if the PatternTable contains sub-tables.
 void validate(java.util.List<SDKException> errors, java.util.List<SDKWarning> warnings)
          Validate the entire dictionary object and its decendants.
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Constructor Detail


public PatternTable(DictionaryObject parent)
Method Detail


public boolean hasGroups()
Used to tell if the PatternTable contains sub-tables. If only of correct type.

true if PatternTable contains only FactPatterns, with no sub-tables


public void validate(java.util.List<SDKException> errors,
                     java.util.List<SDKWarning> warnings)
Description copied from class: DictionaryObject
Validate the entire dictionary object and its decendants. Not incremental.

validate in class DictionaryComponentTable<Pattern>
errors - a List of error exceptions to append to.
warnings - a List of warning exceptions to append to.
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