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Class HttpADFContextVariableResolverImpl

  extended by oracle.adf.share.http.HttpADFContextVariableResolverImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HttpADFContextVariableResolverImpl
extends java.lang.Object
implements javax.servlet.jsp.el.VariableResolver

A variable resolver that may be used against the ADFContext. This variable resolver may be used when other variable resolvers like the FacesContext variable resolver and the PageContext variable resolver are not available.

This variable resolver should not be seen as a replacement for the JSP/JSF variable resolvers. Those variable resolvers should be used whenever they are available in the container.

This variable resolver attempts to support many of the implicit objects that are defined for both the JSP variable resolver and the Faces resolver. The following standard implicit objects are supported:

requestScope sessionScope applicationScope param paramValues header initParam cookie

Please see the JSP/JSF specifications for more information about each of these implicit objects.

The HttpADFContextVariableResolverImpl does define an extended implicit object set for ADF. The following ADF implicit objects are supported:

securityContext -- Resolves to the current SecurityContext. Equivalent to invoking: ADFContext.getCurrent().getSecurityContext()

If you wish to use the ADF variable resolver with one of the JSP or JSF variable resolvers then you may pass the JSP/JSF variable resolver to the HttpADFContextVariableResovler constructor. This will cause the JSP/JSF variable resolver to be decorated by the ADF variable resolver. You may then pass the ADF variable resolver to the JSP/JSF expression evaluator.

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Constructor Summary
HttpADFContextVariableResolverImpl(javax.servlet.jsp.el.VariableResolver parentResolver)
Method Summary
 boolean isResolveImplicit()
          When false the resolver will not attempt implicit object resolution.
 java.lang.Object resolveVariable(java.lang.String name)
 void setResolveImplicit(boolean resolveImplicit)
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public HttpADFContextVariableResolverImpl(javax.servlet.jsp.el.VariableResolver parentResolver)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object resolveVariable(java.lang.String name)
                                 throws javax.servlet.jsp.el.ELException
Specified by:
resolveVariable in interface javax.servlet.jsp.el.VariableResolver


public void setResolveImplicit(boolean resolveImplicit)


public boolean isResolveImplicit()
When false the resolver will not attempt implicit object resolution.

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