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What's New in This Guide

Part I Understanding Oracle CQL

1 Introduction to Oracle CQL

2 Basic Elements of Oracle CQL

3 Pseudocolumns

4 Operators

5 Expressions

6 Conditions

7 Common Oracle CQL DDL Clauses

Part II Functions

8 Built-In Single-Row Functions

9 Built-In Aggregate Functions

10 Colt Single-Row Functions

11 Colt Aggregate Functions

12 java.lang.Math Functions

13 User-Defined Functions

Part III Data Cartridges

14 Introduction to Data Cartridges

15 Oracle Java Data Cartridge

16 Oracle Spatial

17 Oracle Event Processing JDBC Data Cartridge

18 Oracle Event Processing Hadoop Data Cartridge

19 Oracle Event Processing NoSQL Database Data Cartridge

Part IV Using Oracle CQL

20 Oracle CQL Queries, Views, and Joins

21 Pattern Recognition With MATCH_RECOGNIZE

22 Oracle CQL Statements