Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Data Visualization Components
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Class PlotArea

  extended by oracle.dss.dataView.BaseComponentXML
      extended by oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphComponent
          extended by oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphFrame
              extended by oracle.dss.graph.BaseFrame
                  extended by oracle.dss.graph.PlotArea
All Implemented Interfaces:
Fill, UIFillColor, UITransparentFillColor, Border, Rect

public class PlotArea
extends BaseFrame
implements UIFillColor, UITransparentFillColor

The plot area of the graph. The plot area is the place where the graph represents data values.

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String a_renderMode
protected  java.lang.String a_renderModeHidden
protected  java.lang.String a_renderModeNormal
protected  oracle.dss.graph.pfj.draw.IdentObj m_frameBottom
protected  oracle.dss.graph.pfj.draw.IdentObj m_frameSide
protected static int rect_Height
protected static int rect_Width
protected static int rect_X
protected static int rect_Y
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphFrame
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphComponent
a_assignedToY2, a_association, a_automaticRotation, a_axisAutoScaledFromZero, a_axisMaxAutoScaled, a_axisMaxValue, a_axisMinAutoScaled, a_axisMinValue, a_axisZoomMaxValue, a_axisZoomMinValue, a_backGround, a_borderStyle, a_borderTransparent, a_borderUsingDefaults, a_borderWidth, a_color, a_defaultAssignedToY2, a_defaultBorderColor, a_defaultBorderTransparent, a_defaultColor, a_defaultFirstMarkerColor, a_defaultFitlineType, a_defaultHighMarkerColor, a_defaultLastMarkerColor, a_defaultLineWidth, a_defaultLowMarkerColor, a_defaultMarkerColor, a_defaultMarkers, a_defaultMarkerShape, a_defaultMarkerType, a_displayedInLegend, a_effect, a_explicitEnd, a_explicitStart, a_fitlineType, a_focusFactor, a_group, a_height, a_high_value, a_horizontalAlignment, a_imageSource, a_isometricProjection, a_labelPosition, a_legendMarkersPerRow, a_legendOrientation, a_legendTextPosition, a_lightSourceX, a_lightSourceY, a_lightSourceZ, a_line_value, a_lineColor, a_lineIndex, a_lineStyle, a_lineWidth, a_location, a_logarithmicBase, a_low_value, a_majorIncrement, a_majorTickCount, a_majorTickStep, a_majorTickStepAutomatic, a_markerColor, a_markerShape, a_markerSize, a_markersPerRowAutomatic, a_markerTextAngleDefault, a_markerTextPlace, a_markerTextRadiusDefault, a_markerType, a_minorIncrement, a_minorTickCount, a_minorTickStep, a_minorTickStepType, a_mode, a_panX, a_panY, a_pieSliceExplode, a_quadrantLineCountX, a_quadrantLineCountY, a_quadrantLineValueX, a_quadrantLineValueY, a_rendered, a_rollover_behavior, a_scaledLogarithmic, a_series, a_seriesDisplayInLegend, a_shapePath, a_sharePanelProperties, a_shortDesc, a_sizeX, a_sizeY, a_sizeZ, a_skippedWithLabels, a_squareRisers, a_text, a_textFittingAutomatic, a_textRotation, a_textType, a_thresholdMaxValue, a_thresholdMinValue, a_tickLabelSkipCount, a_tickLabelSkipFirst, a_tickLabelSkipMode, a_tickLabelStaggered, a_tickLabelWrapped, a_tickStyle, a_translationX, a_translationY, a_translationZ, a_transparent, a_type, a_verticalAlignment, a_viewerX, a_viewerY, a_viewerZ, a_visibility, a_visible, a_wallThickX, a_wallThickY, a_wallThickZ, a_width, a_wordWrapEnabled, a_x, a_xValue, a_y, a_yValue, a_yValueAssignment, a_zoomFactor, al_both, AL_BOTH, al_left, AL_LEFT, al_right, AL_RIGHT, ap_always, AP_ALWAYS, ap_never, AP_NEVER, ar_horiz_rotate_270, AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270, ar_horiz_rotate_90, AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90, ar_no_rotate, AR_NO_ROTATE, CONV_MAP, dy2_auto_assign, DY2_AUTO_ASSIGN, dy2_false, DY2_FALSE, dy2_true, DY2_TRUE, FP_LG_CHECK, FP_LG_CROSSHATCH, FP_LG_DIAG_UP_LT, FP_LG_DIAG_UP_RT, FP_LG_DIAMOND_CHECK, FP_LG_TRIANGLE_CHECK, FP_MAX, FP_SM_CHECK, FP_SM_CROSSHATCH, FP_SM_DIAG_UP_LT, FP_SM_DIAG_UP_RT, FP_SM_DIAMOND_CHECK, FP_SM_TRIANGLE_CHECK, fs_bold, FS_BOLD, fs_bold_italic_underline, FS_BOLD_ITALIC_UNDERLINE, fs_bold_underline, FS_BOLD_UNDERLINE, fs_italic, FS_ITALIC, fs_italic_bold, FS_ITALIC_BOLD, fs_italic_underline, FS_ITALIC_UNDERLINE, fs_plain, FS_PLAIN, fs_underline, FS_UNDERLINE, ft_color, FT_COLOR, ft_exponential, FT_EXPONENTIAL, ft_gradient, FT_GRADIENT, ft_linear, FT_LINEAR, ft_logarithmic, FT_LOGARITHMIC, ft_none, FT_NONE, FT_PATTERN, ft_texture, FT_TEXTURE, gd_diagonal_135, GD_DIAGONAL_135, gd_diagonal_45, GD_DIAGONAL_45, gd_down, GD_DOWN, gd_down_left, GD_DOWN_LEFT, gd_down_right, GD_DOWN_RIGHT, gd_left, GD_LEFT, gd_radial, GD_RADIAL, gd_radial_bottom_left, GD_RADIAL_BOTTOM_LEFT, gd_radial_bottom_right, GD_RADIAL_BOTTOM_RIGHT, gd_radial_top_left, GD_RADIAL_TOP_LEFT, gd_radial_top_right, GD_RADIAL_TOP_RIGHT, gd_right, GD_RIGHT, gd_up, GD_UP, gd_up_left, GD_UP_LEFT, gd_up_right, GD_UP_RIGHT, gs_automatic, GS_AUTOMATIC, gs_extended, GS_EXTENDED, gs_grid, GS_GRID, gs_in, GS_IN, gs_none, GS_NONE, gs_out, GS_OUT, gs_span, GS_SPAN, lap_bottom, LAP_BOTTOM, lap_left, LAP_LEFT, lap_right, LAP_RIGHT, lap_top, LAP_TOP, ld_percent, LD_PERCENT, ld_text, LD_TEXT, ld_text_percent, LD_TEXT_PERCENT, ld_text_value, LD_TEXT_VALUE, ld_value, LD_VALUE, LEGENDMARKERSLIMIT, lo_automatic, LO_AUTOMATIC, lo_horizontal, LO_HORIZONTAL, lo_vertical, LO_VERTICAL, lp_inside, LP_INSIDE, lp_no_labels, LP_NO_LABELS, lp_outside_feeler_if_needed, LP_OUTSIDE_FEELER_IF_NEEDED, lp_outside_with_feeler, LP_OUTSIDE_WITH_FEELER, lp_outside_without_feeler, LP_OUTSIDE_WITHOUT_FEELER, ls_dash, LS_DASH, ls_dash_dot, LS_DASH_DOT, ls_dotted, LS_DOTTED, ls_solid, LS_SOLID, ltp_above, LTP_ABOVE, ltp_below, LTP_BELOW, ltp_on_left, LTP_ON_LEFT, ltp_on_marker, LTP_ON_MARKER, ltp_on_right, LTP_ON_RIGHT, m_commonGraph, m_identObj, m_pfj, ms_automatic, MS_AUTOMATIC, ms_circle, MS_CIRCLE, ms_diamond, MS_DIAMOND, ms_human, MS_HUMAN, ms_none, MS_NONE, ms_plus, MS_PLUS, ms_square, MS_SQUARE, ms_triangle_down, MS_TRIANGLE_DOWN, ms_triangle_up, MS_TRIANGLE_UP, mt_area, MT_AREA, mt_bar, MT_BAR, mt_centered_stepped_line, MT_CENTERED_STEPPED_LINE, MT_CURVE_AREA, mt_curve_line, MT_CURVE_LINE, mt_default, MT_DEFAULT, mt_line, MT_LINE, mt_marker, MT_MARKER, mt_stepped_line, MT_STEPPED_LINE, mtp_center, MTP_CENTER, mtp_custom, MTP_CUSTOM, mtp_inside_max, MTP_INSIDE_MAX, mtp_inside_min, MTP_INSIDE_MIN, mtp_on_maxedge, MTP_ON_MAXEDGE, mtp_outside_max, MTP_OUTSIDE_MAX, mtp_under_marker, MTP_UNDER_MARKER, QUADRANTLINEVALUELIMIT, REV_CONV_MAP, ro_area, RO_AREA, ro_back, RO_BACK, ro_front, RO_FRONT, ro_line, RO_LINE, SHAPE_AUTOMATIC, SHAPE_CIRCLE, SHAPE_DIAMOND, SHAPE_HUMAN, SHAPE_NONE, SHAPE_PLUS, SHAPE_SQUARE, SHAPE_TRIANGLE_DOWN, SHAPE_TRIANGLE_UP, sv_hidden, SV_HIDDEN, sv_visible, SV_VISIBLE, tdm_stretched, TDM_STRETCHED, tdm_tiled, TDM_TILED, tls_automatic, TLS_AUTOMATIC, tls_manual, TLS_MANUAL, tls_noskip, TLS_NOSKIP, tr_horiz, TR_HORIZ, tr_horiz_rotate_270, TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270, tr_horiz_rotate_90, TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90, tsm_explicit, TSM_EXPLICIT, tsm_off, TSM_OFF, va_bottom, va_center, va_top, VF_PIE_SLICE_LABEL, VF_STOCK_VOLUME, VF_X1, VF_Y1, VF_Y2, VF_Z
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.dataView.BaseComponentXML
Constructor Summary
PlotArea(CommonGraph graph, oracle.dss.graph.pfj.draw.IdentObj identObj)
Method Summary
protected  int convertRenderModeToInt(java.lang.String str)
protected  java.lang.String convertRenderModeToString(int mode)
protected  java.lang.String getComponentName()
 int getRenderMode()
          Retrieves information about the RenderMode setting.
protected  oracle.dss.util.xml.ObjectNode getXML(boolean allProperties, boolean allOverriddenProperties)
protected  void setGroupFillColor(java.awt.Color newColor)
 void setGroupFillTransparent(boolean yesNo)
 void setRenderMode(int mode)
          Controls the display of the plot area.
protected  void setXML(oracle.dss.util.xml.ObjectNode node, boolean allProperties)
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseFrame
getRect, getRectXML, selectObject, setRect
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphFrame
getBorderColor, getFillColor, getNonstyleXML, getSFX, getStyleXML, getXML, isBorderTransparent, isFillTransparent, isVisible, resetStyle, setBorderColor, setBorderTransparent, setFillColor, setFillTransparent, setNonStyleXML, setStyleXML, setVisible, setXML
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphComponent
convertAssociationToInt, convertFillPatternToString, convertGradientDirectionToString, convertHorizontalAlignmentToInt, convertHorizontalAlignmentToString, convertLineStyleToInt, convertLineStyleToString, convertLocationToInt, convertTextRotationtToInt, convertTickStyleToInt, convertTypeToInt, convertVerticalAlignmentToInt, convertVerticalAlignmentToString, hexStringToInt, toHexString
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.dataView.BaseComponentXML
getStyleXML, setNonstyleXML, setNonstyleXML, setXML, setXML, setXML
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface oracle.dss.dataView.UITransparentFillColor
isFillTransparent, setFillTransparent
Methods inherited from interface oracle.dss.dataView.UIFillColor
getFillColor, setFillColor

Field Detail


protected static int rect_Height
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected static int rect_Width
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected static int rect_X
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected static int rect_Y
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected oracle.dss.graph.pfj.draw.IdentObj m_frameSide
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected oracle.dss.graph.pfj.draw.IdentObj m_frameBottom
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected java.lang.String a_renderMode
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected java.lang.String a_renderModeNormal
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this


protected java.lang.String a_renderModeHidden
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Constructor Detail


public PlotArea(CommonGraph graph,
                oracle.dss.graph.pfj.draw.IdentObj identObj)
graph - The grpah that this object belongs to.
identObj - The Perspective for Java object that represents the identity of this plot area. Perspective for Java is a third party package of objects that are used and manipulated by the BI Beans.
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Constructor. Application developers should not have to construct this object, because the graph does it automatically.
Method Detail


protected void setGroupFillColor(java.awt.Color newColor)
newColor - The fill color of this plot area.
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Specifies the fill color of this plot area.


public void setGroupFillTransparent(boolean yesNo)
yesNo - true if it is transparent, false if it is visible.
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Specifies whether the fill color of the border of this plot area is transparent. To make the plot area transparent, set both the setBorderTransparent and setFillTransparent methods to false. When an object is transparent, it is not visible, but you can select it.


public void setRenderMode(int mode)
Controls the display of the plot area.

In the RENDER_MODE_HIDDEN mode, allows displaying of graph components (axis, legend) without displaying the plot area itself. Normally, when the plot area visibility is set to 'off', the legend and the axis are not rendered either. To make those components appear, while hiding the plot area, set RenderMode to RENDER_MODE_HIDDEN.

In the RENDER_MODE_STRETCHED mode, the plot area is stretched by auto-layout so that there is only minimal padding around the graph component edges. This option can be useful when rendering very small graphs where the default padding would use too much space of the constrained graph area.

The default value of RenderMode is RENDER_MODE_NORMAL.

mode - specifies the render mode to be used for the plot area.


public int getRenderMode()
Retrieves information about the RenderMode setting.

A constant that represents the current RenderMode setting.


protected java.lang.String getComponentName()
getComponentName in class BaseComponentXML
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Retrieves the name of the object.


protected oracle.dss.util.xml.ObjectNode getXML(boolean allProperties,
                                                boolean allOverriddenProperties)
getXML in class BaseGraphFrame


protected void setXML(oracle.dss.util.xml.ObjectNode node,
                      boolean allProperties)
setXML in class BaseFrame
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Sets style properties of this component from XML


protected int convertRenderModeToInt(java.lang.String str)
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
converts render mode string constants to int constants


protected java.lang.String convertRenderModeToString(int mode)
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
converts render mode int constants to string constants

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