Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Data Visualization Components
11g Release 1 (


Class ZDrillLabel

  extended by oracle.dss.dataView.BaseComponentXML
      extended by oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphComponent
          extended by oracle.dss.graph.BaseText
              extended by oracle.dss.graph.BaseTitle
                  extended by oracle.dss.graph.ZDrillLabel
All Implemented Interfaces:
DataviewFontAttribute, FontAttribute, HorizontalAlignment, Titles, Visible

public class ZDrillLabel
extends BaseTitle

Identifies the series value to which a user can drill up, in a three-dimensional graph.

When drilling is enabled in the graph, and a hierarchical dimension is the first dimension on the series edge, users drill down one level in the dimension by clicking a ZTickLabel or by double-clicking a data marker. In a ThinGraph, users single-click on the data marker to drill down.

When users drill down in the series edge, they can click this label to drill up to the previous level.

This component does not appear until a user drills down on the series edge.

See Also:
ZTickLabel, BaseDataComponent, Graph.setDrillingEnabled(boolean)

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseTitle
m_text, rBundle, text, visible
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseText
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphComponent
a_assignedToY2, a_association, a_automaticRotation, a_axisAutoScaledFromZero, a_axisMaxAutoScaled, a_axisMaxValue, a_axisMinAutoScaled, a_axisMinValue, a_axisZoomMaxValue, a_axisZoomMinValue, a_backGround, a_borderStyle, a_borderTransparent, a_borderUsingDefaults, a_borderWidth, a_color, a_defaultAssignedToY2, a_defaultBorderColor, a_defaultBorderTransparent, a_defaultColor, a_defaultFirstMarkerColor, a_defaultFitlineType, a_defaultHighMarkerColor, a_defaultLastMarkerColor, a_defaultLineWidth, a_defaultLowMarkerColor, a_defaultMarkerColor, a_defaultMarkers, a_defaultMarkerShape, a_defaultMarkerType, a_displayedInLegend, a_effect, a_explicitEnd, a_explicitStart, a_fitlineType, a_focusFactor, a_group, a_height, a_high_value, a_horizontalAlignment, a_imageSource, a_isometricProjection, a_labelPosition, a_legendMarkersPerRow, a_legendOrientation, a_legendTextPosition, a_lightSourceX, a_lightSourceY, a_lightSourceZ, a_line_value, a_lineColor, a_lineIndex, a_lineStyle, a_lineWidth, a_location, a_logarithmicBase, a_low_value, a_majorIncrement, a_majorTickCount, a_majorTickStep, a_majorTickStepAutomatic, a_markerColor, a_markerShape, a_markerSize, a_markersPerRowAutomatic, a_markerTextAngleDefault, a_markerTextPlace, a_markerTextRadiusDefault, a_markerType, a_minorIncrement, a_minorTickCount, a_minorTickStep, a_minorTickStepType, a_mode, a_panX, a_panY, a_pieSliceExplode, a_quadrantLineCountX, a_quadrantLineCountY, a_quadrantLineValueX, a_quadrantLineValueY, a_rendered, a_rollover_behavior, a_scaledLogarithmic, a_series, a_seriesDisplayInLegend, a_shapePath, a_sharePanelProperties, a_shortDesc, a_sizeX, a_sizeY, a_sizeZ, a_skippedWithLabels, a_squareRisers, a_text, a_textFittingAutomatic, a_textRotation, a_textType, a_thresholdMaxValue, a_thresholdMinValue, a_tickLabelSkipCount, a_tickLabelSkipFirst, a_tickLabelSkipMode, a_tickLabelStaggered, a_tickLabelWrapped, a_tickStyle, a_translationX, a_translationY, a_translationZ, a_transparent, a_type, a_verticalAlignment, a_viewerX, a_viewerY, a_viewerZ, a_visibility, a_visible, a_wallThickX, a_wallThickY, a_wallThickZ, a_width, a_wordWrapEnabled, a_x, a_xValue, a_y, a_yValue, a_yValueAssignment, a_zoomFactor, al_both, AL_BOTH, al_left, AL_LEFT, al_right, AL_RIGHT, ap_always, AP_ALWAYS, ap_never, AP_NEVER, ar_horiz_rotate_270, AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270, ar_horiz_rotate_90, AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90, ar_no_rotate, AR_NO_ROTATE, CONV_MAP, dy2_auto_assign, DY2_AUTO_ASSIGN, dy2_false, DY2_FALSE, dy2_true, DY2_TRUE, FP_LG_CHECK, FP_LG_CROSSHATCH, FP_LG_DIAG_UP_LT, FP_LG_DIAG_UP_RT, FP_LG_DIAMOND_CHECK, FP_LG_TRIANGLE_CHECK, FP_MAX, FP_SM_CHECK, FP_SM_CROSSHATCH, FP_SM_DIAG_UP_LT, FP_SM_DIAG_UP_RT, FP_SM_DIAMOND_CHECK, FP_SM_TRIANGLE_CHECK, fs_bold, FS_BOLD, fs_bold_italic_underline, FS_BOLD_ITALIC_UNDERLINE, fs_bold_underline, FS_BOLD_UNDERLINE, fs_italic, FS_ITALIC, fs_italic_bold, FS_ITALIC_BOLD, fs_italic_underline, FS_ITALIC_UNDERLINE, fs_plain, FS_PLAIN, fs_underline, FS_UNDERLINE, ft_color, FT_COLOR, ft_exponential, FT_EXPONENTIAL, ft_gradient, FT_GRADIENT, ft_linear, FT_LINEAR, ft_logarithmic, FT_LOGARITHMIC, ft_none, FT_NONE, FT_PATTERN, ft_texture, FT_TEXTURE, gd_diagonal_135, GD_DIAGONAL_135, gd_diagonal_45, GD_DIAGONAL_45, gd_down, GD_DOWN, gd_down_left, GD_DOWN_LEFT, gd_down_right, GD_DOWN_RIGHT, gd_left, GD_LEFT, gd_radial, GD_RADIAL, gd_radial_bottom_left, GD_RADIAL_BOTTOM_LEFT, gd_radial_bottom_right, GD_RADIAL_BOTTOM_RIGHT, gd_radial_top_left, GD_RADIAL_TOP_LEFT, gd_radial_top_right, GD_RADIAL_TOP_RIGHT, gd_right, GD_RIGHT, gd_up, GD_UP, gd_up_left, GD_UP_LEFT, gd_up_right, GD_UP_RIGHT, gs_automatic, GS_AUTOMATIC, gs_extended, GS_EXTENDED, gs_grid, GS_GRID, gs_in, GS_IN, gs_none, GS_NONE, gs_out, GS_OUT, gs_span, GS_SPAN, lap_bottom, LAP_BOTTOM, lap_left, LAP_LEFT, lap_right, LAP_RIGHT, lap_top, LAP_TOP, ld_percent, LD_PERCENT, ld_text, LD_TEXT, ld_text_percent, LD_TEXT_PERCENT, ld_text_value, LD_TEXT_VALUE, ld_value, LD_VALUE, LEGENDMARKERSLIMIT, lo_automatic, LO_AUTOMATIC, lo_horizontal, LO_HORIZONTAL, lo_vertical, LO_VERTICAL, lp_inside, LP_INSIDE, lp_no_labels, LP_NO_LABELS, lp_outside_feeler_if_needed, LP_OUTSIDE_FEELER_IF_NEEDED, lp_outside_with_feeler, LP_OUTSIDE_WITH_FEELER, lp_outside_without_feeler, LP_OUTSIDE_WITHOUT_FEELER, ls_dash, LS_DASH, ls_dash_dot, LS_DASH_DOT, ls_dotted, LS_DOTTED, ls_solid, LS_SOLID, ltp_above, LTP_ABOVE, ltp_below, LTP_BELOW, ltp_on_left, LTP_ON_LEFT, ltp_on_marker, LTP_ON_MARKER, ltp_on_right, LTP_ON_RIGHT, m_commonGraph, m_identObj, m_pfj, ms_automatic, MS_AUTOMATIC, ms_circle, MS_CIRCLE, ms_diamond, MS_DIAMOND, ms_human, MS_HUMAN, ms_none, MS_NONE, ms_plus, MS_PLUS, ms_square, MS_SQUARE, ms_triangle_down, MS_TRIANGLE_DOWN, ms_triangle_up, MS_TRIANGLE_UP, mt_area, MT_AREA, mt_bar, MT_BAR, mt_centered_stepped_line, MT_CENTERED_STEPPED_LINE, MT_CURVE_AREA, mt_curve_line, MT_CURVE_LINE, mt_default, MT_DEFAULT, mt_line, MT_LINE, mt_marker, MT_MARKER, mt_stepped_line, MT_STEPPED_LINE, mtp_center, MTP_CENTER, mtp_custom, MTP_CUSTOM, mtp_inside_max, MTP_INSIDE_MAX, mtp_inside_min, MTP_INSIDE_MIN, mtp_on_maxedge, MTP_ON_MAXEDGE, mtp_outside_max, MTP_OUTSIDE_MAX, mtp_under_marker, MTP_UNDER_MARKER, QUADRANTLINEVALUELIMIT, REV_CONV_MAP, ro_area, RO_AREA, ro_back, RO_BACK, ro_front, RO_FRONT, ro_line, RO_LINE, SHAPE_AUTOMATIC, SHAPE_CIRCLE, SHAPE_DIAMOND, SHAPE_HUMAN, SHAPE_NONE, SHAPE_PLUS, SHAPE_SQUARE, SHAPE_TRIANGLE_DOWN, SHAPE_TRIANGLE_UP, sv_hidden, SV_HIDDEN, sv_visible, SV_VISIBLE, tdm_stretched, TDM_STRETCHED, tdm_tiled, TDM_TILED, tls_automatic, TLS_AUTOMATIC, tls_manual, TLS_MANUAL, tls_noskip, TLS_NOSKIP, tr_horiz, TR_HORIZ, tr_horiz_rotate_270, TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270, tr_horiz_rotate_90, TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90, tsm_explicit, TSM_EXPLICIT, tsm_off, TSM_OFF, va_bottom, va_center, va_top, VF_PIE_SLICE_LABEL, VF_STOCK_VOLUME, VF_X1, VF_Y1, VF_Y2, VF_Z
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.dataView.BaseComponentXML
Constructor Summary
ZDrillLabel(CommonGraph graph)
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String getComponentName()
 java.awt.Font getFont()
          Retrieves a Font object for this drill label.
 GraphFont getGraphFont()
          Retrieves a GraphFont object for this drill label.
 boolean selectObject(int series, int group)
          Selects the ZDrillLabel in the graph.
 void setFont(java.awt.Font f)
          Specifies a Font object for this drill label.
 void setHorizontalAlignment(int a)
          Specifies the horizontal alignment of the text within the rectangle of the ZDrillLabel.
 void setTextRotation(int rotate)
          Specifies the angle of rotation for the ZDrillLabel.
protected  void setTitleString(java.lang.String text)
 void setVisible(boolean yesNo)
          Specifies whether the drill label is visible.
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseTitle
convertTextRotationToInt, convertTextRotationToString, getHorizontalAlignment, getNonstyleXML, getStyleXML, getText, getTextRotation, getUnParseText, isVisible, resetStyle, resetToDefault, setNonstyleXML, setStyleXML, setText, setUnParseText, updateResourceBundle
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseText
_getGraphFont, getDataviewFont, isFontSizeAbsolute, setFontSizeAbsolute, truncateText
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.graph.BaseGraphComponent
convertAssociationToInt, convertFillPatternToString, convertGradientDirectionToString, convertHorizontalAlignmentToInt, convertHorizontalAlignmentToString, convertLineStyleToInt, convertLineStyleToString, convertLocationToInt, convertTextRotationtToInt, convertTickStyleToInt, convertTypeToInt, convertVerticalAlignmentToInt, convertVerticalAlignmentToString, hexStringToInt, toHexString
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.dataView.BaseComponentXML
getStyleXML, getXML, setNonstyleXML, setXML, setXML, setXML, setXML
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public ZDrillLabel(CommonGraph graph)
graph - The graph that this object belongs to.
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Constructor. Application developers should not have to construct this object, because the graph does it automatically.
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String getComponentName()
getComponentName in class BaseComponentXML
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Retrieves the name of the object.


protected void setTitleString(java.lang.String text)
Specified by:
setTitleString in class BaseTitle
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
set title text


public boolean selectObject(int series,
                            int group)
Selects the ZDrillLabel in the graph. Parameter values are irrelevent.

selectObject in class BaseTitle
series - Any integer.
group - Any integer.
true if successful, false if not.


public GraphFont getGraphFont()
Retrieves a GraphFont object for this drill label. Use the GraphFont objects to specify and retrieve font properties such as name, color, style, and size in virtual coordinates. Virtual coordinates make the font size relative to the size of the graph.

getGraphFont in class BaseText
A GraphFont object for the object.


public void setFont(java.awt.Font f)
Specifies a Font object for this drill label. This is the awt object with properties such as name, style, and absolute size.

Specified by:
setFont in interface FontAttribute
setFont in class BaseText
f - A Font object for this object.


public java.awt.Font getFont()
Retrieves a Font object for this drill label. This is the awt object with properties such as name, style, and absolute size.

Specified by:
getFont in interface FontAttribute
getFont in class BaseText
A Font object for the object.


public void setVisible(boolean yesNo)
Specifies whether the drill label is visible. This implementation does nothing, because the visibility of the drill label depends on whether the user actually can drill up on the series edge.

Specified by:
setVisible in interface Titles
Specified by:
setVisible in interface Visible
setVisible in class BaseTitle
yesNo - true to make it visible, false to make it invisible.


public void setHorizontalAlignment(int a)
Specifies the horizontal alignment of the text within the rectangle of the ZDrillLabel. This property is also tied to the ZTickLabel. When the text has been rotated to a vertical position, the horizontal alignment properties appear to move the text up and down, rather than left and right.

Specified by:
setHorizontalAlignment in interface HorizontalAlignment
setHorizontalAlignment in class BaseTitle
a - A Swing constant that represents the horizontal alignment for the text of the label. Valid constants are SwingConstants.LEFT, SwingConstants.CENTER, and SwingConstants.RIGHT.


public void setTextRotation(int rotate)
Specifies the angle of rotation for the ZDrillLabel. This property is also tied to the ZTitle.

setTextRotation in class BaseTitle
rotate - A constant that represents the angle of rotation of the drill label. When you pass an invalid value, the graph does not set the TextRotation attibute. It logs a message with the error handler.
See Also:
BaseGraphComponent.TR_HORIZ, BaseGraphComponent.TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90, BaseGraphComponent.TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270

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