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Uses of Class

Packages that use Layout
oracle.ide.ceditor The Code Editor package contains the code editing implementation of the JDeveloper IDE. 
oracle.ide.docking Contains interfaces and classes responsible for the dockable behavior provided by JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.editor Contains classes and interfaces that allow addins to add their own specialized editors to JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.layout Contains interfaces and classes addins can implement or extend to provide preferred layouts for their own specialized editors. 
oracle.ide.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE runner system. 

Uses of Layout in oracle.ide.ceditor

Methods in oracle.ide.ceditor with parameters of type Layout
 void CodeEditor.close(Layout layout)
          Close the given Layout.
 void CodeEditor.init(Layout layout)
          Initialize this editor's layout information from the given Layout instance.
 void layout)
          Save this editor's layout information to the given Layout instance.

Uses of Layout in oracle.ide.docking

Methods in oracle.ide.docking with parameters of type Layout
 int DockableWindow.getDefaultVisibility(Layout layout)
 int Dockable.getDefaultVisibility(Layout layout)
          The first time a Dockable is exposed to a layout, if the dockable is not of type Dockable.TYPE_GLOBAL_VISIBLE, it will be asked if it wants to be shown in that layout.
static boolean DockUtil.isMinimizedByDefault(Dockable dockable, Layout layout)
          Indicates whether the given dockable is minimized by default in the given layout.
static boolean DockUtil.isRaisedByDefault(Dockable dockable, Layout layout)
          Indicates whether the given dockable is raised by default in the given layout.
static boolean DockUtil.isShowingByDefault(Dockable dockable, Layout layout)
          Indicates whether the given dockable is showing by default in the given layout.

Uses of Layout in oracle.ide.editor

Methods in oracle.ide.editor with parameters of type Layout
 void Editor.initializeLayout(Layout layout)

Uses of Layout in oracle.ide.layout

Subclasses of Layout in oracle.ide.layout
 class IdeLayout
          IdeLayout class.
 class IdeProperties
          The IdeProperties class is reponsible for managing the general layout information, such as the size and position of the main application window and the opened editor frames for example.
 class SimpleLayout
          Simple layout information.

Methods in oracle.ide.layout that return Layout
 Layout IdeLayout.findLayout( url)
          Find the layout associated with the specified url.
 Layout Layouts.getActive()
 Layout IdeLayout.getActiveLayout()
 Layout Layouts.getActiveSubLayout()
 Layout IdeLayout.getDefaults()
 Layout PreferredLayoutEvent.getLayout()
 Layout LayoutResetEvent.getLayout()
          Returns the layout to be reset or that was reset.
 Layout Layouts.newDesignLayout( url)
          Creates a SimpleLayout owned by the Design layout.
 Layout Layouts.newLayout(IdeLayout parent)
 Layout Layouts.newLayout(IdeLayout parent, fileURL)

Methods in oracle.ide.layout with parameters of type Layout
protected  void Layouts.activate(Layout layout, java.util.HashMap listeners)
 void Layouts.activateLayout(Layout child)
 void LayoutListener.addOpenedViews(Layout layout, java.util.List openedList)
 void AbstractLayoutListener.addOpenedViews(Layout layout, java.util.List openedList)
          Add all of our opened views to the specified opened list.
 void BaseLayoutListener.close(Layout layout)
          Close the views associated with the specified layout.
 void AbstractLayoutListener.close(Layout layout)
protected  void Layouts.close(Layout layout)
static Node AbstractLayoutListener.getNode(java.lang.String urlProp, Layout layout)
          Get the Node whose url is stored in the specified layout under the given urlProp.
static Project AbstractLayoutListener.getProject(java.lang.String viewId, Layout layout)
static Workspace AbstractLayoutListener.getWorkspace(java.lang.String viewId, Layout layout)
 void BaseLayoutListener.init(Layout layout)
          Initialize the View state from the information in the stored in the specified layout.
 void LayoutSelector.initializeLayout(Layout layout)
          This method is called before to activate the selector's preferred layout.
protected  boolean AbstractLayoutListener.isVisible(java.lang.String viewId, Layout layout)
 void layout)
          Save layout information in the specified layout.
protected  void IdeLayout.setActiveLayout(Layout layout)
 void Layouts.update(Layout layout)
protected  void Layouts.update(Layout layout, java.util.Iterator iter)

Constructors in oracle.ide.layout with parameters of type Layout
LayoutResetEvent(Layout layout)
          Creates a new LayoutResetEvent.
PreferredLayoutEvent(int eventID, LayoutSelector selector, Layout layout)

Uses of Layout in oracle.ide.runner

Methods in oracle.ide.runner with parameters of type Layout
 int DebuggerWindowProviderCallback.getDebuggerWindowDefaultVisibility(Layout layout)
          If the provider wants the debugger to manage the visibility of the window, it needs to call this method in its own getDefaultVisibility() method, e.g.

Uses of Layout in oracle.jdevimpl.bookmarks

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.bookmarks with parameters of type Layout
 int BookmarkDockable.getDefaultVisibility(Layout layout)

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