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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Dirtyable
oracle.ide.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing JDeveloper's data model. Provides a virtual file system framework based on 
oracle.jdeveloper.library The Libraries package provides the library API used by JDeveloper. 

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.ide.model

Subinterfaces of Dirtyable in oracle.ide.model
 interface SubDirtyable
          Objects that implement the SubDirtyable interface indicate that they are to be saved as content of the document that owns them.

Classes in oracle.ide.model that implement Dirtyable
 class Connections
          Top level IDE level Connections Node.
 class DefaultSubDirtyable
          Objects that implement the SubDirtyable interface indicate that they want to be saved as content of the document that owns them.
 class Preferences
          Deprecated. since 11.1.1. Do not use this class. It will be removed in a future version of the ide framework. For preferences, see Preferences.
 class Workspaces
          This class holds all Workspace objects currently available to the user in the IDE.

Fields in oracle.ide.model declared as Dirtyable
 Dirtyable XMLDataNode.DataCastPacket.dirtyable
          The Dirtyable view of the data object.

Methods in oracle.ide.model that return Dirtyable
protected  Dirtyable DefaultSubDirtyable.getOwner()

Methods in oracle.ide.model with parameters of type Dirtyable
static java.lang.String DefaultDirtyable.dirtyLabel(Dirtyable dirtyable, java.lang.String label)
          Returns the 'dirty' version of the specified label if the specified Dirtyable object is dirty; otherwise, returns the label as is.
 void Connections.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)
 void Preferences.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)
 void Workspaces.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)
 void DefaultSubDirtyable.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)
 void SubDirtyable.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)
          This method should be called to set the document in which a SubDirtyable implementation will be persisted.
protected  void DataContainer.setSubDirtyableOwner(Element element, Dirtyable owner)
          Sets the owner of this element to the specified element.

Uses of Dirtyable in

Classes in that implement Dirtyable
 class URLPath
          An instance of URLPath represents a path that is made up entirely of URLs.

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy

Subinterfaces of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy
 interface LinkedDirtyable
          The LinkedDirtyable interface extends the Dirtyable interface by adding methods that support the linking of Dirtyables to each other.

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy that implement Dirtyable
 class DefaultLinkedDirtyable
          This is a default implementation of the LinkedDirtyable interface that is primarily intended to be subclassed by data classes that track their own dirty state.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy with parameters of type Dirtyable
 void DefaultLinkedDirtyable.linkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable containing)
          This method is part of an API that is still undergoing changes.
 void LinkedDirtyable.linkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DefaultLinkedDirtyable.linkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable embedded)
          This method is part of an API that is still undergoing changes.
 void LinkedDirtyable.linkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DefaultLinkedDirtyable.setOwner(Dirtyable containing)
 void DefaultLinkedDirtyable.unlinkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable containing)
          This method is part of an API that is still undergoing changes.
 void LinkedDirtyable.unlinkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DefaultLinkedDirtyable.unlinkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable embedded)
          This method is part of an API that is still undergoing changes.
 void LinkedDirtyable.unlinkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt that implement Dirtyable
 class AbstractHashDependable
          Base class for creating Dependable(s).
 class DeployElement
          An extension of DefaultElement that also implements the LinkedDirtyable interface.
 class DeployFolder
          An extension of DefaultFolder that also implements the Copyable, LinkedDirtyable, and Subject interfaces.
 class Profile

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt with parameters of type Dirtyable
 void DeployElement.linkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable containing)
 void AbstractHashDependable.linkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DeployFolder.linkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable containing)
 void DeployElement.linkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable embedded)
 void AbstractHashDependable.linkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DeployFolder.linkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable embedded)
 void DeployElement.setOwner(Dirtyable containing)
 void AbstractHashDependable.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)
 void DeployFolder.setOwner(Dirtyable containing)
 void DeployElement.unlinkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable containing)
 void AbstractHashDependable.unlinkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DeployFolder.unlinkContainingDirtyable(Dirtyable containing)
 void DeployElement.unlinkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable embedded)
 void AbstractHashDependable.unlinkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable dirtyable)
 void DeployFolder.unlinkEmbeddedDirtyable(Dirtyable embedded)

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ear

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ear that implement Dirtyable
 class EarProfile
          Class representing an EAR deployment profile.

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ejb

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ejb that implement Dirtyable
 class EjbProfile
          Class representing an EJB deployment profile.

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.j2ee

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.j2ee that implement Dirtyable
 class J2eeProfile

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.jar

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.jar that implement Dirtyable
 class AppClientProfile
 class ArchiveOptions
          Class encapsulating the options that can be set on a .jar file or variant of a .jar file.
 class ArchiveProfile
          Data model for the JAR (simple archive) deployment profile.
 class ClientProfile
          Data model representing the J2EE Client deployment profile type.
 class ConnectorProfile
          Data model representing the J2EE Connector deployment profile type.
 class LibraryArchiveProfile
          Data Model representing a deployment campable (as a shared library) version of an ArchiveProfile.
 class TaglibProfile
          The JSP tag library profile.

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.sp

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.sp that implement Dirtyable
 class InvokerRights
          Data model for representing invoker's rights.
 class MethodSignature
          This data structure represents a Java method and its associated PL/SQL signature, including the names, types, and modes for parameters.
 class PlsqlDatatype
          Data model representing a PL/SQL datatype.
 class PlsqlMethod
          Abstract base data model representing common aspects of PL/SQL procedures and functions.
 class PlsqlPackage
          Data model representing a PL/SQL package.
 class PlsqlPackagedFunction
          Data model representing a PL/SQL packaged function.
 class PlsqlPackagedProcedure
          Data model representing a packaged Java stored procedure.
 class PlsqlParameter
          Data model representing a PL/SQL method parameter.
 class PlsqlParameterMode
          Data model representing a PL/SQL method parameter mode.
 class PlsqlTopLevelFunction
          Data model representing a top-level Java stored function.
 class PlsqlTopLevelMethod
          Abstract base data model representing common aspects of top-level PL/SQL procedures and functions.
 class PlsqlTopLevelProcedure
          Data model representing a top-level Java stored procedure that has no return value.
 class StoredProcProfile
          Data model representing the stored procedure deployment profile type.

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.war

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.war that implement Dirtyable
 class WarProfile
          Data model representing a deployment profile for a J2EE web module.

Uses of Dirtyable in oracle.jdeveloper.library

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.library that implement Dirtyable
 class AbstractDerivedLibrary
          AbstractDerivedLibrary class.
 class ProjectLibrary
          ProjectLibrary class.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.library with parameters of type Dirtyable
 void AbstractDerivedLibrary.setOwner(Dirtyable owner)

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