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Interface ProxyAuthenticator

public interface ProxyAuthenticator

This interface allows an application to provide user authentication information required when tunneling WebLogic HTTP and SSL protocols through a proxy server that requires user authentication.

An object that implements this interface is invoked at runtime when and if proxy authentication is needed.

The class name of the desired implementation of ProxyAuthenticator is registered with the system property AUTHENTICATOR_PROPERTY.

For example:

 import weblogic.common.ProxyAuthenticator;
 Properties p = System.getProperties();
 p.put(ProxyAuthenticator.AUTHENTICATOR_PROPERTY, "my.package.MyAuthenticator");

A class of this type is instantiated with Class.forName(classname).newInstance()., so the class must be public and must have a default constructor, that is, a void argument constructor.

Once instantiated, the class is initialized by its init() method, which takes as parameters the hostname and port of the proxy that requires authentication, the authentication type required by the proxy (for example, "Basic"), and the login prompt the proxy presented, if any.

The authenticator is then asked for the login and password needed for authorization with the proxy, via its getLoginAndPassword() method. This method should return an array of two strings that contains the login (user) name and password. If no authentication information can be provided, then this method returns null, in which case the authentication (and the network communication that depended on it) fail.

The authenticator is queried as long as authentication fails. Once authentication succeeds, the authentication information is cached internally and used in all subsequent communication with that particular proxy.

Field Summary
Method Summary
 String[] getLoginAndPassword()
          Gets the user login name and password required by the proxy server.
 void init(String proxyHost, int proxyPort, String authType, String loginPrompt)
          Initializes the proxy authenticator class.

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void init(String proxyHost,
          int proxyPort,
          String authType,
          String loginPrompt)
Initializes the proxy authenticator class.

proxyHost - Hostname of the proxy computer
proxyPort - Port number where the proxy is listing
authType - Type of authorization
loginPrompt - Proxy's login prompt, if any


String[] getLoginAndPassword()
Gets the user login name and password required by the proxy server. The array that is returned is null if the proxy login name and password cannot be obtained; otherwise, the array contains two strings, the proxy login name and the password.

Array of login name and password, or null

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Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle WebLogic Server API Reference
11g Release 1 (10.3.6)

Part Number E13941-06