Oracle Fusion Middleware User Messaging Service Java API Reference

Package oracle.sdp.messaging

Interface Summary
AccessPoint AccessPoint represents one or more device addresses to receive incoming messages.
Address Address represents an address in the SDP Messaging.
Message Message interface models a MIME style message for the SDP Messaging.
MessageInfo This interface defines all delivery related properties about the message.
MessageListener Deprecated.
MessageQuery Specify search query criteria to find sent messages from the message store.
MessagingClient Base interface of all SDP Messaging clients: EJB Client, Web Service Client, etc.
MessagingEJBClient Deprecated.
MessagingObject This is the base type for all primary messaging related object types, namely Message, Status and Address.
Status Status reports the delivery status of a sent message.
StatusListener Deprecated.

Class Summary
AccessPointFactory Deprecated. Use MessagingFactory instead
AddressFactory Deprecated. Use MessagingFactory instead
ApplicationInfo Holds Client application properties.
MessageFactory Deprecated. Use MessagingFactory instead
MessageInfoFactory Deprecated. Use MessagingFactory instead
MessageQueryFactory Deprecated. Use MessagingFactory instead
MessagingClientFactory A Factory class for creating Messaging Clients to send and receive messages.
MessagingFactory MessagingFactory is a factory class to create various messaging objects.

Enum Summary
AddressType AddressType enumerates all available address types in the SDP Messaging.
DeliveryType DeliveryType enumerates all available delivery types in the SDP Messaging.
MessagePriorityType MessagePriorityType enumerates all available priority types for sending messages in the SDP Messaging.
MessageReliabilityType MessageReliabilityType enumerates all available reliability types for sending messages in the SDP Messaging.
MessageSessionType MessageSessionType enumerates all available session types for sending messages (and receiving replies) in the SDP Messaging.
MessageTrackingType MessageTrackingType enumerates all available tracking types or levels for sending messages in the SDP Messaging.
StatusType StatusType enumerates all available status types in the SDP Messaging.

Exception Summary
ApplicationNotReadyException Thrown by an application to indicate that it is not ready to receive asynchronous messages or statuses from SDP Messaging.
ListenerException ListenerException is used in the signature of the Listener callback API.
MessagingException Thrown to indicate any exceptional conditions to the applications using the Messaging API.
NoPermissionException Thrown to indicate insufficient permission to access the Messaging API.
NotSupportedException Thrown to indicate an unsupported function of the Messaging API.

Oracle Fusion Middleware User Messaging Service Java API Reference

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