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Interface TaskDefinitionOperationsIntf

All Superinterfaces:

public interface TaskDefinitionOperationsIntf
extends tcUtilityOperationsIntf

Method Summary
 Thor.API.tcResultSet getTaskDetail(long processInstanceKey, java.util.Map filterMap)
          Returns detailed information about all the tasks definitions in the specified provisioning process.


Methods inherited from interface Thor.API.Base.tcUtilityOperationsIntf
close, getName, setCountry, setLanguage, setVariant


Method Detail


Thor.API.tcResultSet getTaskDetail(long processInstanceKey,
                                   java.util.Map filterMap)
                                   throws tcAPIException,
Returns detailed information about all the tasks definitions in the specified provisioning process.
processInstanceKey - The key of the process instance in the system.
A tcResultSet containing one to many rows, each row holding information about a task in the process. The following columns are returned
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Key
  • Event Handler Manager.Key
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Default Assignee
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Milestone Dependency
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Conditional
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Task Name
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Milestone Sequence
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Milestone Sequence Interval
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Required For Completion
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Hours
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Minutes
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Days
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Constant Duration
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Allow Multiple Instances
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Milestone Datalabel
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Task Description
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Second Duration
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Allow Cancellation While Pending
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Disable Manual Insert
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Milestone Delete Flag
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Complete on Recovery
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Milestone Mapping Status
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Task Effect
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Retry Period
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Retry Count
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Trigger Type
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Child Table Name
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Assign To User Manager
  • Process Definition.Tasks.System Level
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Creation Date
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Created By
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Update Date
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Updated By
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Note
  • Process Definition.Tasks.Row Version </u1>

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