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Interface TransformationProvider

public interface TransformationProvider

This interface should be implemented by a layer that incorporates data transformation functionalities to be used by a connector created through the generic technology connector framework. An example of data transformation is concatenation. The input data set, which may have data, is structured in two attributes "firstName" and "lastName", and can be transformed using concatenation implementation so that the output dataset would have only one attribute "userName" that would contain the concatenated value of the "firstName" and "lastName".

Considering provisioning, the implementation layer would mainly deal with the transformation of data before formatting it by using the appropriate ProvisioningFormatProvider and sending it to the target application using ProvisioningTransportProvider. During reconciliation, the implementation layer would deal with transformation of data after getting the validated Oracle Identity Manager-compliant output of appropriate ReconTransportProvider and ReconFormatProvider. Examples of the implementation for this layer would be Concatenation, SubString and Translation(Replace X With Y). All the methods of this interface throw ProviderException. The implementations of this interface should utilize this fact to wrap all possible exceptions ultimately in an instance of a ProviderException.

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Method Summary
 java.lang.String transformData(java.util.Hashtable input, java.util.Hashtable utils)
          This method transforms the input data to a form that is different from the source.


Method Detail


java.lang.String transformData(java.util.Hashtable input,
                               java.util.Hashtable utils)
                               throws ProviderException
This method transforms the input data to a form that is different from the source.
input - contains the input field-value pairs which are a) candidate for transformation and b) arguments required by this transformation Both these things should be retrieved from this Hashtable, by explicitly using the parameter name as Keys. These parameters names are exactly the same as those defined in the provider xml file.
utils - contains the reference to factory object for obtaining an Oracle Identity Manager API Instance. This might be useful for those transformation implementations that want to retrieve an Oracle Identity Manager entity value(s) for executing some business logic. For example, Encoded and Decoded value pairs of an Oracle Identity Manager Lookup Definition. Relevant Sample code: Iterator itr = utils.keySet().iterator(); String key = (String); TransformationSource source=(TransformationSource)utils.get(key); tcLookupOperationsIntf lookupIntf = (tcLookupOperationsIntf)source.getUtility("Thor.API.Operations.tcLookupOperationsIntf");
Transformed output.
See Also:
TransformationSource, GCSource

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