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Class OESLogUtil

  extended by oracle.iam.platform.authz.vo.OESLogUtil

public class OESLogUtil
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class containing methods to manage OES MicroSM engine logging.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String OIM_ORACLE_HOME_ENV_VAR


Constructor Summary


Method Summary
static java.lang.String getManagedServerName()
          Gets the name of the managed server using JMX MBeanServer.
static java.lang.String getTempDirectory()


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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String OIM_ORACLE_HOME_ENV_VAR
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Constant Field Values

Constructor Detail


public OESLogUtil()

Method Detail


public static java.lang.String getTempDirectory()


public static java.lang.String getManagedServerName()
Gets the name of the managed server using JMX MBeanServer. Implementation Details: The RuntimeServiceMBean contains the ServerRuntimeMBean as an attribute. The RuntimeServiceMBean is available with the ObjectName "com.bea:Name=RuntimeService,". Using this RuntimeServiceMBean ObjectName, the managed server ServerRuntimeMBean ObjectName is fetched using MBeanServer.getAttribute method. Then using the managed server ObjectName, the Name attribute of the ServerRuntimeMbean is fetched using MBeanServer.getAttribute and returned. In the unexpected rare case that the JMX call fails, the exception is logged. As a fallback, the value of the system env property "weblogic.Name" is returned. If no such property exists, then the constant "oimserver" is returned.
Name of the Managed Server

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