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Deprecated API


Deprecated Fields
          in favor of using the "javax.servlet.sip.supported" attribute 


Deprecated Methods
javax.servlet.sip.SipFactory.createRequest(SipServletRequest, boolean)
          usage of this method is deprecated. Setting the sameCallId flag to "true" actually breaks the provisions of [RFC 3261] where the Call-ID value is to be unique accross dialogs. Instead use a more general method defined on the B2buaHelper B2buaHelper.createRequest(SipServletRequest) 
          has potential to break application composition instead of this use the SipApplicationKey mechanism as described in section 15.11.2 in the SIP Servlet specification document. 
          use a more general purpose Proxy.getProxyTimeout() 
          stateless proxy is no longer supported 
          use a more general purpose Proxy.setProxyTimeout(int) 
          stateless proxy is no longer supported 


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Java SIP Servlet API 1.1 Reference

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