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Interface SyncResultsHandler

public interface SyncResultsHandler

Callback interface that an application implements in order to handle results from SyncApiOp in a stream-processing fashion.

Method Summary
 boolean handle(SyncDelta delta)
          Called to handle a delta in the stream.


Method Detail


boolean handle(SyncDelta delta)
Called to handle a delta in the stream. The Connector framework will call this method multiple times, once for each result. Although this method is callback, the framework will invoke it synchronously. Thus, the framework guarantees that once an application's call to SyncApiOp#sync() returns, the framework will no longer call this method to handle results from that sync() operation.
delta - The change
True iff the application wants to continue processing more results.
java.lang.RuntimeException - If the application encounters an exception. This will stop iteration and the exception will propagate to the application.

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