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Interface AttributeNormalizer

public interface AttributeNormalizer

Interface to be implemented by connectors that need to normalize certain attributes. This might, for example, be used to normalize whitespace within DN's to ensure consistent filtering whether that filtering is natively on the resource or by the connector framework. For connectors implementing this interface, the method normalizeAttribute(ObjectClass, Attribute) will be applied to each of the following:

  1. The filter passed to SearchOp.
  2. The results returned from SearchOp.
  3. The results returned from SyncOp.
  4. The attributes passed to UpdateAttributeValuesOp.
  5. The Uid returned from UpdateAttributeValuesOp.
  6. The attributes passed to UpdateOp.
  7. The Uid returned from UpdateOp.
  8. The attributes passed to CreateOp.
  9. The Uid returned from CreateOp.
  10. The Uid passed to DeleteOp.

Method Summary
 Attribute normalizeAttribute(ObjectClass oclass, Attribute attribute)


Method Detail


Attribute normalizeAttribute(ObjectClass oclass,
                             Attribute attribute)

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