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Interface PoolableConnector

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public interface PoolableConnector
extends Connector

To be implemented by connectors that wish to be pooled.

Method Summary
 void checkAlive()
          Checks if the connector is still alive.


Methods inherited from interface org.identityconnectors.framework.spi.Connector
dispose, getConfiguration, init


Method Detail


void checkAlive()
Checks if the connector is still alive.

A connector can spend a large amount of time in the pool before being used. This method is intended to check if the connector is alive and operations can be invoked on it (for instance, an implementation would check that the connector's physical connection to the resource has not timed out).

The major difference between this method and TestOp.test() is that this method must do only the minimum that is necessary to check that the connector is still alive. TestOp.test() does a more thorough check of the environment specified in the Configuration, and can therefore be much slower.

This method can be called often. Implementations should do their best to keep this method fast.

java.lang.RuntimeException - if the connector is no longer alive.

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