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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package org.eclipse.persistence.descriptors

Interface Summary
CMPPolicy.KeyElementAccessor INTERNAL: This is the interface used to encapsulate the the type of key class element
DescriptorEventListener Purpose: Used to support Java event listener event model on descriptors.
MultitenantPolicy A multitenant interface.
WrapperPolicy Purpose: The wrapper policy can be used to wrap all objects read from the database in another object.


Class Summary
AllFieldsLockingPolicy Purpose: An implementation of the OptimisticLockingPolicy interface.
ChangedFieldsLockingPolicy Purpose: An implementation of the OptimisticLockingPolicy interface.
ClassDescriptor Purpose: Abstract descriptor class for defining persistence information on a class.
ClassExtractor Purpose: Abstract class to allow complex inheritance support.
CMPPolicy Description: Place holder for CMP specific information.
DescriptorEvent Purpose: Encapsulate the information provided with descriptor events.
DescriptorEventAdapter Purpose: Provides an empty implementation of DescriptorEventListener.
DescriptorEventManager Purpose: The event manager allows for a descriptor to specify that an object should be notified when a EclipseLink event occurs.
DescriptorQueryManager Purpose: The query manager allows for the database operations that EclipseLink performs to be customized by the application.
FetchGroupManager Purpose: The fetch group manager controls the named fetch groups defined at the descriptor level.
FieldsLockingPolicy Purpose: An abstract superclass of some implementations of the OptimisticLockingPolicy interface.
InheritancePolicy Purpose: Allows customization of an object's inheritance.
InterfacePolicy Purpose: Allows for a descriptor's implemented interfaces to be configured.
MethodClassExtractor Purpose: Used to allow complex inheritance support.
PessimisticLockingPolicy Description: This policy is used to configure bean level pessimistic locking feature.
RelationalDescriptor Purpose: EclipseLink has been designed to take advantage of the similarities between relational databases and objects while accommodating for their differences, providing an object oriented wrapper for relational databases.
ReturningPolicy Purpose: Allows for INSERT or UPDATE operations to return values back into the object being written.
ReturningPolicy.Info INTERNAL:
SelectedFieldsLockingPolicy Purpose: An implementation of the OptimisticLockingPolicy interface.
SingleTableMultitenantPolicy A single table "striped" multitenant policy.
TablePerClassPolicy Purpose: Provides the functionality to support a TABLE_PER_CLASS inheritance strategy.
TimestampLockingPolicy Purpose: Used to allow a single version timestamp to be used for optimistic locking.
VersionLockingPolicy Purpose: Used to allow a single version number to be used for optimistic locking.
VPDMultitenantPolicy A vpd multitenant policy.


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