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checking for using Template Builder, 5.6.4
designing for, C.1
Adobe Flash
designing templates, 9.1
required settings for PDF output, 9.1.2
RTF template, 4.8.2


background support
RTF templates, 4.8.6
barcode formatting
custom, 4.17.2
included in BI Publisher, 4.17.1
bidirectional language alignment
RTF template, 4.8.2
body tags
RTF template, 4.5.3
generating PDF bookmarks from an RTF template, 4.9.7
inserting in RTF templates, 4.9.5
brought forward/carried forward page totals, 4.11.2


calculations in PDF layout, 7.8
calendar profile option, 4.16.1
calendar specification, 4.16.1
cell highlighting
conditional in RTF templates, 4.10.7
building in RTF templates, 4.6.5
check box placeholder
creating in PDF layout, 7.5.4
check box support
RTF templates, 4.9.8
choose statements,
clip art support, 4.7
fixed width in tables, 4.8.3
conditional columns
rtf template, 4.10.5
conditional formatting, 4.10
table rows, 4.10.6
conditional formatting features, 4.10
configuration properties
precedence of levels, 10.1
setting maximum for an interactive report, 3.4.7
context command, 4.18
cross-tab reports, 4.14.3


date fields in RTF templates, 4.8.4
formatting in Excel templates, 6.5
designing for accessibility, C.1
digital signature
adding signature field to a PDF layout, 7.12
setting properties, 10.4
drawing support, 4.7
drop-down form field support
RTF templates, 4.9.9
dynamic data columns, 4.14.4
dynamic table of contents in RTF template, 4.9.6


end on even page, 4.9.4
etext data tables, 8.3
etext template command rows, 8.4
even page
force report to end on, 4.9.4
Excel templates
formatting dates, 6.5


file size
techniques for reducing, A
filler block
etext templates, 8.7
fixed-width columns
RTF templates, 4.8.3
Flash templates
configuration properties, 9.4
designing, 9.1
uploading to the BI Publisher server, 9.3
supported elements, D.1
FO elements
using in RTF templates, 4.21.1, B.3
external, 4.17
mapping, 10.16
setting up, 4.17
RTF template, 4.5.1
for-each-group XSL 2.0 standard, 4.12.3
form field method
inserting placeholders,
form field properties options in PDF template, 7.5.3
form fields in the PDF template, 7.4
formatting options in PDF templates, 7.5.3


basic RTF method, 4.4.2
defining in PDF layout, 7.6
defining in RTF template, 4.4
syntax, 4.4
form field method, 4.4.3
grouping scenarios in RTF templates, 4.4.1
in RTF templates, 4.2.2


headers and footers
different first page, 4.5.4
different odd and even pages, 4.5.4
inserting placeholders, 4.5.2
multiple, 4.5.3
resetting within one output file, 4.14.1
RTF template, 4.5.1
hidden text
support in RTF templates, 4.8.1
horizontal table break,
HTML output
controlling table widths, 10.8
bookmarks, 4.9.5
dynamic, 4.9.5
inserting in RTF template, 4.9.5
internal, 4.9.5
static, 4.9.5


IF statements, 4.10.2
in free-form text, 4.10.2
if-then-else statements, 4.10.3
including in RTF template, 4.6
IN predicate
If-Then-Else control structure
etext templates, 8.8.2


last page
support for special content, 4.9.3
layout editor
features, 3.1
list component
layout editor, 3.14


adding to the PDF template, 7.4
adding to the RTF template, 4.3
max connections
setting for an interactive report, 3.4.7
multicolumn page support, 4.8.5
multiple headers and footers
RTF template, 4.5.3


Namespace support in RTF template, 4.20
native page breaks and page numbering
Microsoft Word, 4.8.1
how to test for in XML data, 4.12.2
number-to-word conversion, B.1.1


output formats
limiting by report,,
overflow data in PDF layouts, 7.10.3


page breaks
PDF layouts, 7.7.2
RTF template, 4.8.1, 4.9.1
page breaks and page numbering
native support, 4.8.1
page number
setting initial
RTF templates, 4.9.2
page numbers
PDF layouts, 7.7.1
restarting within one output file, 4.14.1
RTF template, 4.8.1
page totals
brought forward/carried forward, 4.11.2
inserting in RTF template, 4.11.1
PDF layouts
completed example, 7.9
creating from downloaded file, 7.11
defining groups, 7.6
definition of, 7.1
overflow data, 7.10.3
page breaks, 7.7.2
page numbering, 7.7.1
check box, 7.5.4
radio button group, 7.5.5
placement of repeating fields at runtime, 7.10.1
runtime behaviors, 7.10
PDF output
handling large files, A
invalid, 4.14.2
PDF output properties, 10.2
PDF security properties, 10.3
PDF template
adding markup, 7.4
text, 7.5.2
types of, 7.5
saving as Adobe Acrobat 5.0 compatible, 7.2
sources for document templates, 7.3
supported modes, 7.2
when to use, 7.1
pivot table
designing in RTF templates, 4.14.3
basic RTF method, 4.3.1
form field RTF method, 4.3.1,
in PDF templates, 7.4
in RTF templates, 4.2.2
defining, 4.2.3, 4.3.1
inserting in the header and footer of RTF templates, 4.5.2
PDF layouts
check box, 7.5.4
radio button group, 7.5.5
PDF templates
text, 7.5.2
types of, 7.5
PowerPoint output
design considerations, 4.22
predefined fonts, 10.16.4
setting at template level, 4.13.3


radio button group
creating in PDF layouts, 7.5.5
regrouping, 4.12.3
Rich Text Format (RTF)
definition, 4.1.1
row breaking
preventing in RTF templates, 4.8.3
row formatting
conditional, 4.10.6
RTF placeholders
syntax, 4.3.1
RTF template
adding markup, 4.3
applying design elements, 4.1.5
definition, 4.1.1
designing, 4.1.4
groups, 4.2.2
including images, 4.6
native formatting features, 4.8
placeholders, 4.2.2
prerequisites, 4.1.2
sample template design, 4.2
supported modes, 4.1.6
basic method, 4.1.6
form field method, 4.1.6
using XSL or XSL, 4.1.6
RTF template design
headers and footers, 4.5.1
RTF template placeholders, 4.3.1
running totals
RTF templates, 4.11.3


sample RTF template
completed markup,
section context command, 4.14.1
PDF properties, 10.3
setting the initial page number
RTF templates, 4.9.2
shape support, 4.7
RTF template, 4.12.1
SQL functions
BI Publisher syntax for, B.1
using in RTF templates, 4.19
SQL functions extended for BI Publisher, B.1
style templates, 11.1
RTF template placeholder, 4.3.1
displaying and formatting in RTF templates, 4.15.13


table features
fixed-width columns, 4.8.3
preventing rows breaking across pages
RTF template, 4.8.3
repeating table headers
RTF template, 4.8.3
RTF template, 4.8.3
text truncation, 4.8.3
table of contents support
RTF template, 4.9.6
dynamic TOC, 4.9.6
controlling table widths in HTML output, 10.8
horizontal table break,
Template Builder, 5.2.1
editing field properties, 5.6.1
prerequisites, 5.1.2
preview options, 5.5
text placeholder
creating in PDF template, 7.5.2
text truncation in tables, 4.8.3
brought forward/carried forward, 4.11.2
inserting page totals in RTF template, 4.11.1
RTF templates, 4.11.3


updateable variables
RTF templates, 4.13.1


RTF templates, 4.13.1


RTF templates, 4.8.6


XML data file
example, 4.2.1
XML file
how to read, 4.2.1
FO elements
using in RTF templates, 4.19
XSL elements
apply a template rule,
BI Publisher syntax for, B.2
call template,
copy the current node,
define the root element of the style sheet,
import a style sheet,
template declaration,
using in RTF templates, 4.21.2
variable declaration,